STEEL BREEZE – Steel Breeze early demos [David Chatfield remix] (2023) *0dayrox Exclusive*

STEEL BREEZE - Steel Breeze early demos [David Chatfield remix] (2023) *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

Yesterday we featured in exclusive the remastered, Japanese reissue of STEEL BREEZE 1982’s self-titled debut album “Steel Breeze”. Now 0dayrox brings to you another exclusive; the pre-production demos of the album, remixed & remastered by producer David Chatfield.
In the ’80s, when a band got signed by a major record label, they were able to record high quality pre-production tapes. Many basic tracks from these sessions were later used into the final product, while others served to guide, to improve the arrangements, the effects, etc.
The sound quality of “Steel Breeze early demos [David Chatfield remix]” is excellent, some songs are different from the final versions, and we have an Extended Remix of STEEL BREEZE’s hit “You Don’t Want Me Anymore”.
Pure ’80s, collectible stuff.

When others just copy/paste our content, 0dayrox keeps delivering to you original material.
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01 – You Don’t Want Me Anymore (Chatfield Extended Remix)
02 – Lost in the 80’s (Chatfield Remix)
03 – I Think About You (Chatfield Remix)
04 – All I Ever Wanted to Do (Chatfield Remix)
05 – Dreamin’ Is Easy (Chatfield Remix)
06 – Every Night (Chatfield Remix)
07 – I Can’t Wait (Chatfield Remix)
08 – Who’s Gonna Love You Tonight (Chatfield Remix)
09 – Can’t Stop This Feeling (Chatfield Remix)
10 – You Don’t Want Me Anymore (Chatfield Demo Remix)

Ric Jacobs – vocals
Waylin Carpenter – guitar
Ken Goorabian – guitar
Rod Toner – keyboards
Vinnie Pantaleoni – bass
Barry Lowenthal – drums


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