LASTWORLD – Beautiful Illusion (2024)

LASTWORLD - Beautiful Illusion (2024) - full

What started as a project for the dynamic duo of songwriter Jim Shepard (all instruments) and David Cagle (all vocals), LASTWORLD became a very consistent band now releasing their fifth album in just under 5 years, via Perris Records.
Titled “Beautiful Illusion“, the 11-track CD has been mastered by former King Kobra JK Northrup, while the very cool artwork was done by talented digital artist Nello Dell’Omo. All melodic hard rock fans will enjoy the music written and played by Shepard with the melodic, soulful rock voice of David Cagle (Silent Tiger).
“Beautiful Illusion” is a more contemporary sounding melodic rock album, the riffs being immediate and the melodies easy to follow.


01. Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong
02. Younger Days
03. I Can’t Explain
04. I Will Find My Way
05. Better Of Me
06. The Fantasy’s Over
07. Destiny
08. Been There Before
09. You Never Listen To Me
10. A Step Beyond Death
11. Beautiful Illusion

Lead and Backing Vocals – David Cagle
Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums – Jim Shepard


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