KARDANG – Rizky Biznizz (2023)

KARDANG - Rizky Biznizz (2023) - full

After a successful first album, the 5 Norwegians of KARDANG return with a new album titled ”Rizky Biznizz”. This second album is a demonstration of old school rock ‘n’ roll played on 11. Just songs about girls, freedom and touring the States. That’s KARDANG philosophy, and that’s right. They just want to give you forty minutes of fun rock n’ roll.
From the first chords of opener ‘Change of Heart’ the feel-good atmosphere sets in. Chris Williams’ “Mike Tramp” voice is just great for this type of hard rock. Melodic and slightly raspy, his voice brings a lot of swagger.
“Don’t Let Me Drive,” the next track, picks up the speed. We are in a number with big powerful riffs driving everything in its path. Chris tells us not to let him drive and yet we are on the high speed rock highway! What a title, with its frenzied solos, it will be live favorite for sure.

With its intro ‘Man Eater’ takes us into an AC/DC boogie hard rock. It’s classic stuff, but Kardang manages to keep their identity and that is very good. Then at 2:24 there is… this break which gives me chills, Angus comes out of this body!
“We’re All Gonna Be Alright” is in a midtempo, very melodic piece where once again, Chris excels with his convincing performance and Jonkis solo rocks. This is the type of songs that makes you want to cross southern California in a convertible and let yourself be carried away.

From the start of “Scandinavian Girls” the group drop some big riffs. It’s a fun song about girls, a pure, simple hard rock song yet very infectious. The chorus is, once again, very melodic. Jonkis has an excellent feeling with his short, effective solo.
Title track “Rizky Biznizz” speeds up the album with a pedal-to-the metal fast-paced rhythm. An anthemic tune. “When the water runs dry” is catchy, while ”Dream Forever” adds acoustics to the mix for a mid-paced, interesting number.
“Hey Everybody” takes us into a Status Quo-style rock boogie ready for the arenas, “Down To The River” takes us on a journey into a slightly southern sound, again with some acoustic bluesy lines. It’s not far from latter Cinderella or Tom Keifer solo.

Kardang is back with a bang after their debut album las year. Today you see millions of new bands emerging every week. All drowning in the same river of hopelessness trying to come up with something new and fresh in the business.
Then you have the band Kardang. These lads write the music they love. Melodic rock ‘n’ roll, catchy riffs, stadium-sized choruses and a stage show hotter than a Finnish sauna. They just don’t give a damn about fashion, trends or complicated arrangements. This is just rock n’ roll.
Highly Recommended


01 – Change Of Heart
02 – Don’t Let Me Drive
03 – Man Eater
04 – We’re All Gonna Be Alright
05 – Scandinavian Girls
06 – Rizky Biznizz
07 – When The Water Runs Dry
08 – Dream Forever
09 – Hey Everybody
10 – Down To The River
11 – In The End

Chris Williams – lead vocals
Boogie Silver – rhythm guitar
Jonkis – lead guitar
Terry Hammer – bass
Freddy – drums


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