IGNESCENT – The Fight In Me (2023) HQ *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

IGNESCENT - The Fight In Me (2023) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE* - full

We are featuring in exclusive “The Fight In Me”, the highly anticipated debut album from IGNESCENT, a dynamic new hard rock band hailing from Chicago.
To be released by Frontiers Music next November 10th, the recording include songs co-written with Sameer of Flyleaf, along with Jeremy Valentyne and Brandon Wolfe of New Years Day, among others.
The band is fronted by the multi-talented female singer Jennifer Benson and have released a number of singles and an EPs in the past few years showcasing their contemporary metal / hard rock sound. With some edgy guitar riffs and big ole rhythms pulsing throughout, Benson throws down crystal cleans that fly perfectly along with the entire modern sound.

We are always big fans of a heavy bottom end swirled with lofty vocals and great six-string work, especially if done correctly. The debut album from Ignescent points in that direction.
“The Fight In Me” overall sound is really modern, however melodic and really focused. On the songs there’s thundering bass lines and smashing drumming to support some great vocals that feature range runs at times, and some cool riffs and guitar melodies that swirl nicely in the mix. The layered background vocals add depth and keep the melodies flowing.
Some tracks have a different angle from the band musically, with cadence and tempo slowed down but without losing any power and energy.

At only 38 minutes and eleven short, punchy effective rockers “The Fight In Me” leaves in you the impression that IGNESCENT is ready for bigger things. Confident, focused, this is a band who knows what they want.
Jennifer Benson is an impressive vocalist, offering up varied textures through the different verses and choruses. The rhythm guitar work kills, and the bass / drums tandem is huge.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Monster You Made
02 – Unholy
03 – Fight In Me
04 – You’re Not Alone
05 – Under Attack
06 – Triple Threat
07 – Shadows
08 – Carries Me
09 – The Hurt
10 – Woman On Fire
11 – Not Today (Feat. Kevin Young Of Disciple)

Jennifer Benson – lead vocals
Max Carrillo – guitars
Joel Seidlitz – bass guitar
Jeremy Valentyne – drums
Brandon Wolfe – drums


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