BEYOND THE BLUE – Beyond The Blue ’90 [Expanded Edition] (2023) *HQ*

BEYOND THE BLUE - Beyond The Blue '90 [Expanded Edition] (2023) *HQ* - full

And one day, out of the blue, finally the quite rare BEYOND THE BLUE self-titled 1990 has been reissued in a “Beyond The Blue [Expanded Edition]” including additional tracks.
BEYOND THE BLUE was a Dutch project formed by session guitarist and songwriter Alex ‘Lex’ Bolderdijk and singer Emile Den Tex. They recorded ‘Beyond The Blue’ with the help of many friends / session musicians, all excellent players.
Produced by Bolderdijk and Den Tex, they had the advice of renowned, talented producers Bolland & Bolland (Ferdi & Rob Bolland) whom also did backing vocals.
The result is a stupendous album of Lite AOR with Westcoast touches and dynamic rock&pop beats plenty of melody and smooth vocals, all wrapped by a pristine crystal clear production. Think a cocktail of ’80s TOTO, The Koo, Fahrenheit, Street Talk, Deacon Street.

For years very hard to find as the CD was distributed in a few European countries, this much sought after album by AOR collectors is finally available again and including as bonus tracks different versions from some of the best songs in the track list.
Elegant, suit & tie AOR.
Highly Recommended


01 – Atlantic Summer
02 – More Than Ever Before
03 – Here On Our Own
04 – Beyond The Blue
05 – Home
06 – My Town
07 – Intoxicated
08 – Only The River Knows
09 – Bleeding Heart
10 – Another World
11 – Romancing The Fire
12 – My Town [Alternate Mix]
13 – Another World [Alternate Mix]

Emile Den Tex – Lead and backing vocals
Lex Bolderdijk – Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion
Henri Van Bergen – Drums, Percussion
Ake Danielson – keyboards
Eddy Conar – Percussion
Ton Op’t Hof – Electronic Drums [Simmons] on 10
Ferdi & Rob Bolland (Bolland & Bolland) – backing vocals



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  1. melodified says:

    Super! Thank you. And a Happy New Year of course. We stay tuned…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This album is unbelievable. fine thing.

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