BULLETPROOF – No Compromise [Eonian Records] (2024) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

BULLETPROOF - No Compromise [Eonian Records] (2024) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Some months ago we featured ‘Bite Down Hard’, the debut album from German-based BULLETPROOF, released by Eonian Records. These were songs taped some time before but now BULLETPROOF are releasing “No Compromise“, their fresh new album presented in exclusive at 0dayrox.
BULLETPROOF has new drummer, and most important, a new lead singer. This time around, guitarist Nemanja has turned over the lead vocal duties to singer Carlos Molina. And that benefited the band as Molina has a classic rock voice which perfectly suits BULLETPROOF’s traditional hard rock sound. Additionally, we find some guests to enrich the sound.
“Bulletproof‘s debut ‘Bite Down Hard’ was a huge success! The album received rave reviews, and the band was often compared to AC/DC and Cinderella. We recorded our debut album intentionally raw, avoiding sterile, over-the-top mixing. It was our rock ‘n’ roll bastard child” – founder and guitarist Nemanja says.

While the band was on the road wrote and recorded this sophomore album, “No Compromise”. Without changing gears, Bulletproof decided to push their boundaries a bit further & harder on this album.
Enter drummer Kyle Brian. Kyle is one of L.A.’s finest heavy hitters. Also, Bulletproof turned over the steering wheel on vocals for this album to the mighty Carlos Molina from the band Bohle, who did a killer job.
The album sounds huge, yet still raw and dirty, energetic rock n’ roll.

‘No More Lies’, ‘The Last Of The Street Survivor’, ‘She’s Hot’, ‘Rock N Roll Dog’, etc, are contagious, effective hard rockers partly reminiscent of AC/DC or CINDERELLA, as well as KROKUS or AIRBOURNE. The band rocks hard, play well, and drops catchiness and groove on every note played.
The key here is entertain, and “No Compromise” serve in spades. The production does not have to hide from anybody and the (unfortunately only) eight songs offer – no filler – leaves you hungry for more.
Highly Recommended

You’ve seen it first at 0dayrox


01 – No More Lies
02 – She’s Hot
03 – I Want You
04 – Rock N Roll Dog
05 – The Last Of The Street Survivor
06 – Wet Dream
07 – Keep On Rollin’
08 – Live Free Or Die

Carlos Molina – Vocals
Nemanja Stojanovic – Guitar
Danko Stojanovic – Bass
Kyle Brian – Drums
Natalia Nekare – Vocals on “Keep On Rollin’”
Kaspar Berry Rapkin – Slide Guitar on “Keep On Rollin’”
Nick Budoff – Harmonica on “Keep On Rollin’”
Tasos Lazaris – Vocals on “Live Free Or Die”



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