KENNY McGEE (ex Julliet) – The Picture (2024) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

KENNY McGEE (Julliet) - The Picture (2024) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

Iconic frontman of ’80s melodic hard rockers Julliet and Heartless, KENNY McGEE is releasing a new album titled “The Picture”’, that highlights just what a talented musician and songwriter he is. As we’ve watched several of the biggest and most famous singers and bands who dominated the hard rock scene of the ‘80s and early ‘90s degrade in public before our very eyes, KENNY MCGEE seems to only get stronger.
Across several albums, Kenny has proved, time and time again, that you can make meaning, melody, and riffs alongside thoughtful musicianship in the hard rock / classic rock genre without succumbing to cliches or lazy, derivative pastiches.
“The Picture” is a very ‘American’ album, with opener ‘Broke Down In Hollywood’ bringing to mind Tom Keifer’s solo album, next ‘Tennessee Run’ adds acoustics to the mix and an atmosphere similar to Poison’s ‘Something To Believe In’, also Ron Keel solo works… you get “The Picture”? 😉
Besides, McGee has lost nothing in terms of power and attitude over the years.

‘Love’s The Last To Know’ is a superb song, a midtempo with unusual string-like arrangements which works well including a lot of instruments goin’ on such as electric guitars, Hammond, percussion.
‘Ronnie & Me’ is a power ballad yet wrapped by a classic rock feeling, with McGee raspy vocals creating a cool contrast with female backing vocals. It’s very emotional from the lyrics / story, same with ‘That’s The Guitar My Daddy Played’, which title speaks by itself – a Rock n’ roll ode.

‘Low’ brings back uptempo rock n’ roll, bluesy, whiskey-soaked, fun as Hell and catchy at the same time. ‘The Game’ rocks too, but more melodic and again but interesting synth-strings.
This is is pure American Rock stuff, timeless, and while “The Picture” would be benefited by a better production, in these times when artists manage everything on a budget having a new Kenny McGee album released is a triumph. This dude can write a good tune, that’s for sure.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Broke Down In Hollywood
02 – Tennessee Run
03 – Better Off
04 – Love’s The Last To Know
05 – Ronnie & Me
06 – That’s The Guitar My Daddy Played
07 – Low
08 – The Game

Kenny McGee – Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Backing Vocals
The Band:
Frankie Consoli – Acoustic & Electric Guitars
John Varr – Bass
T.J. “Roxx” Williams – Drums
Paula Mattioli, Paulette Upshaw-Wells, & Priscilla Upshaw – Backing Vocals
Scott Warren – Electric Piano, Hammond, and all other keyboards



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