KISS – Crazy Nights {Japan Ltd mini-LP Numbered SHM-CD Remastered} Out Of Print *HQ*

KISS - Crazy Nights {Japan Ltd mini-LP Numbered SHM-CD Remastered} Out Of Print *HQ* - full

As requested, more KISS in a remastered Japanese release on SHM-CD, not easy to find discs all out of print now. “Crazy Nights” is one perhaps the more ‘hair metal’ album from Stanley & Co., but at the same time if you dig deeper into the glossy production of the era, you’ll find some classic KISS tunes akin their Seventies glory days.
The sound quality of this Limited, mini-LP replica numbered SHM-CD uses the Nineties remaster of the album (the only official for physical format at the moment) and comes smooth and balanced.
It had been two years since previous album Asylum, and KISS were wanting to make a big splash. The hiring of Ron Nevison (of Survivor, Heart, and Ozzy Osbourne fame) to produce was proof that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were putting all their eggs in the super-producer basket.
It was 1987, pop metal ruled, and KISS did “Crazy Nights” – an ultra-polished, overly-processed, catchy ’80s ‘hair metal’ effort.

“Crazy Crazy Nights” is hard to get out of your head, while “Hell Or High Water” and “Turn On The Night” are also standout rocking cuts. Pop-metal need keyboards and radio friendly choruses, and then you have “My Way” and “Reason To Live” .
It should also be noted that of the 11 songs on ‘Crazy Nights’, 9 had outside writing credits — KISS were obviously doing all they could to keep themselves afloat and were constantly reaching for straws. We find Desmond Child, Bruce Turgon, and even Diane Warren co-writing. Too poppy? Yeah, but darn good.

The guitar playing was excellent as usual though with both Paul Stanley and Bruce Kulick hitting all the right notes while Eric Carr continued to prove that he was a master of the drum kit.
After several years of lineup instability, KISS finally hit on a stretch of over five years with the talented unit of Stanley, Simmons, Carr and Kulick contributing to a trio of solid releases with Crazy Nights sitting in between Asylum and Hot In The Shade.
Sadly, the three would be Carr’s final recordings before passing away from cancer in 1991. The following year, KISS would release the hard rocking Revenge, the final official release of the unmasked era before putting on the face paint for good again in 1996.
Highly Recommended


01 – Crazy Crazy Nights
02 – I’ll Fight Hell To Hold You
03 – Bang Bang You
04 – No, No, No
05 – Hell Or High Water
06 – My Way
07 – When Your Walls Come Down
08 – Reason To Live
09 – Good Girl Gone Bad
10 – Turn On The Night
11 – Thief In The Night

Paul Stanley – rhythm guitar, vocals, keyboards
Gene Simmons – bass guitar, vocals
Eric Carr – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Bruce Kulick – lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, bass
Phil Ashley – keyboards, synths
Tom Kelly – backing vocals



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