MICHAEL BRITTON – Britton (2019)

MICHAEL BRITTON - Britton (2019) full

SoCal singer-songwriter & national recording artist, MICHAEL BRITTON is best known as the charismatic frontman of melodic hard rockers BRITTON since the mid-Eighties. Michael is still active today involved into several projects such as film-making, as producer, and performing live. Simply titled ‘Britton‘, this is a compilation of his band works plus some own recordings, released by himself.
Britton’s musical delivery is straight to the point: entertaining ’80s inspired US hard rock romp with good guitars, catchy hooks, and very good multi-layered harmony vocals. Some songs here have some hair metal touches, others go for campfire sing-along tunes including acoustics.
Michael Britton brings to mind Carl Dixon of Coney Hatch meets Bon Jovi yet a tougher edge to his voice. However, all the material here is very melodic and rich in harmony vocals.

The funnily titled ‘Alien Romper Room’ is a pretty good example of Britton’s sound: hard edged riffs, sing-along verses, and a multi-layered harmony chorus akin Baton Rouge, Keel, etc.
‘I Wanna Know’ has some Warrant on it, while ‘Who’s Yer Daddy?’ early Autograph, complete with cowbell. There’s also some AORish pinch here and there.

Britton delivers very good, solid melodic hard rock that should appeal to fans of the classic ’80s sounds of the genre. Despite of being recorded during the last two decades, the songs aren’t polluted by modern trends or experimentation: this is straight ahead, no-bullshit, timeless Melodic Hard Rock like a crossroad between Autograph and some Warrant.
A welcomed compilation to discover this enjoyable collection of songs from this vastly overlooked musician / band.
Highly Recommended


01 – Unleashed
02 – Alien Romper Room
03 – I Wanna Know
04 – Who’s Yer Daddy?
05 – Secrets
06 – Life of Illusion
07 – I Will
08 – This Won’t Hurt a Bit
09 – Open Your Heart
10 – Walking on Water
11 – A Little Twisted
12 – Easy to Use
13 – Queen of the Dark
14 – Bar Fly
15 – Keeper of the Flame
16 – Couldn’t Do Without You
17 – Less Than Zero
18 – B.I.T.C.H.
19 – Demons in My Head
20 – Junkyard Romeo

Michael Britton – vocals, guitar, bass
Allen Stewart – guitar
Mark Fasbender – lead guitar
Mike Wolf – lead and rhythm guitars
Mark Poynter – guitars, harmony vocals
Pete Willkom, Mike Kramer – drums, percussion



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