HELLOWEEN – Treasure Chest [3-CD Bonus Track Edition] (2024)

HELLOWEEN - Treasure Chest [3-CD Bonus Track Edition] (2024) - full

German killer metallers HELLOWEEN will be reissuing their compilation “Treasure Chest“, a 3 disc anthology featuring the band’s best tracks from the band’s self-titled debut EP (1985) to ‘The Dark Ride’ (2000). Some of these songs have been remixed or feature alternate vocal takes / instrumental parts. The box set includes a bonus disc titled “Buried Treasure” with the band’s hard to find previous B-sides / Japan edition bonuses.
“Treasure Chest” is a great starting point for any new or casual fans but also die hards. The ’80s tracks are benefited by the remastering job, and the remixed tracks really offer something different from the originals.
This compilation has all Helloween’s best songs. Some of these found on the first disc include the Keepers era classics like “I Want Out”, “Future World”, “Dr.Stein”, “A Little Time” and “Eagle Fly Free”. Found on “Treasure Chest” are the 13 minute epics “Halloween” and a remixed version of “Keeper Of The Seven Keys”. There are also the very early songs like “Starlight” and “Metal Invaders”. As for second disc is concerned, more great songs are found like “Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)”, “Kings Will Be Kings”, “Mirror, Mirror”, ”Perfect Gentleman” and “Immortal”.

Helloween has left its mark on the power melodic metal scene like few other bands in this world and a look at the first two discs confirms that the German band has released influential tunes in all phases of its career. Early epics like ”Ride the Sky” or the version of ”Starlight” with an extraordinary Michael Kiske on vocals have aged particularly well and aren’t only remembered fondly by power metal fans nowadays but also by the detractors of said genre.
The songs from Walls of Jericho have kept their pure, liberating and energetic spirit that make them sound fresh, majestic and timeless.

The era that is commonly known as the band’s golden years around the first Keeper of the Seven Keys record is richly represented on this compilation. The dynamic yet gloomy epic ”Halloween” is still played on said day all around the world nowadays while ”Keeper of the Seven Keys” proved that lyrics with religious background and uplifting melodic heavy metal could harmonize particularly well.

Helloween even included tracks from its more controversial releases in the early Nineties that nearly saw the group fall apart. The uplifting and melodic ”The Chance” is an overlooked gem with great bass guitar play and technically stunning drum techniques. Even the much criticized ballad ”Windmill” with atmospheric sound samples, piano sounds and acoustic guitars stands out for its courage to experiment and broaden the band’s horizons.

The new, late ’90s era of the band is also represented fairly well with songs like the sinister hard rocking ”The Time of the Oath” and the powerful ”Mr. Torture” that combines fierce riffs and raw vocals with unforgettable melodies and a chorus that is among the best the band has ever written.

The third disc featuring rarities is particularly interesting. Even though they are included on the remastered versions of the band’s records, it’s a great idea to have a solid selection of them on such a separate disc on this unique output. It offers the occasion to discover some forgotten gems even though most tracks aren’t as strong as the band’s regular cuts.
The blues-infused ”Ain’t Got Nothin’ Better” shows a completely unknown side of the band while ”Can’t Fight Your Desire” combines the band’s atmospheric and energetic sides so perfectly that one has to wonder why this particular song didn’t make the cut for a regular album.
There is also a very good cover of the Judas Priest classic “The Hellion / Electric Eye”.

This compilation represents the best phases this band went through quite accurately, features famous hit singles as well as overlooked gems and even offers a whole disc of rarities.
Instead of purchasing specific records of the band that had some ups and downs, you are guaranteed to discover much more killers than fillers on this excellent package.
Highly Recommended


Treasure Chest 1:
01 – I Can
02 – Power
03 – Where The Rain Grows
04 – Eagle Fly Free
05 – Future World
06 – Metal Invaders
07 – Murderer
08 – Starlight
09 – How Many Tears
10 – Ride the Sky
11 – Halloween
12 – A Little Time
13 – A Tale That Wasn’t Right
14 – I Want Out

Treasure Chest 2:
01 – Keeper of the Seven Keys (Remix)
02 – Dr. Stein (Remix)
03 – The Chance
04 – Windmill
05 – Sole Survivor
06 – Perfect Gentleman
07 – In the Middle of a Heartbeat
08 – Kings Will Be Kings
09 – Time Of The Oath
10 – Forever & One
11 – Midnight Sun
12 – Mr. Ego

Buried Treasure:
01 – Shit and Lobster
02 – Oriental Journey
03 – I Don’t Care You Don’t Care
04 – Ain’t Got Nothin’ Better
05 – Moshi Moshi – Shiki No Uta
06 – Can’t Fight Your Desire
07 – Star Invasion
08 – Silicon Dreams
09 – Grapowski’s Malmsuite 1001
10 – Electric Eye (Judas Priest cover)
11 – A Game We Shouldn’t Play


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