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VLAD IN TEARS - Relapse (2024) - full

VLAD IN TEARS, originally formed in Italy, but calling Berlin, Germany home for over a decade now, have roots that date all the way back in 2006. Nearly two decades ago at this point, the band’s core has always been three siblings; Vocalist / keyboardist Kris, bassist Dario, and guitarist Lex Vlad. Together they have created some dark, melodic, and engaging Gothic Metal music over 8 albums.
Vlad in Tears return in 2024 with the album “Relapse“, which marks their second with the German-based Metalville Records. And it’s easily the band’s most guitar-driven and rocking album to date.
Yeah, there’s still some Goth / dark passages, but “Relapse” is about commercial, accessible songs wide a wide appeal.

Prior outputs by the band were always consistently and equally passionate, emotional. They have progressed from album to album, and with ”Relapse” they are still creating a world that will be familiar to listeners.
These ideas considered, Vlad in Tears have not completely abandoned what they have done in the past, but ”Relapse” certainly goes for a rougher, less polished sound, more instant and less dark.
Doing this over the course of eleven songs, the guitar grooves are thick and Kris’ voice is more intense and in your face than ever before. Still having the same passionate, romantic tone, for whatever reason, his performance comes across more gruff and tough.

Certainly, more of a driven Hard Rock album, some of the big winners here include “Break Away,” the haunting “Broken Bones,” “Dig Deep,” but also the outstanding “Fight For Another Day” and “Live Again.” This is while other strong interesting moments include the tech-heavy “Goodbye” and “Not Good Enough.”

In all, ”Relapse” is an album that finds Vlad in Tears taking a different approach and finding success – this is an album easy to the ears for classic rockers of all ages. The less saturated style creates a mood that lets you get into a groove heavily pronounced by guitars, but also the hooky, irresistible vocal lines.
Featuring an energy that cannot be denied, here’s a ‘new’ Vlad in Tears, a band to discover.
Highly Recommended


01 Break Away
02 Broken Bones
03 Day By Day
04 Dig Deep
05 Fight For Another Day
06 Goodbye
07 Hallo
08 Hear Me Out
09 Live Again
10 Me Myself And I
11 Not Good Enough

Kris Vlad – vocals
D. Vlad – bass guitar
Lex Vlad – guitar


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