WADE BLACK’S ASTRONOMICA (Crimson Glory) – The Awakening (2024) *HQ*

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30 years of metal: for three decades, vocalist WADE BLACK has triumphed and stayed metal recording and touring internationally in bands such as Crimson Glory, Leatherwolf, Seven Witches, Leash Law, and Chalice Of Sin.
Neither a stranger to change nor afraid of being a catalyst for it, Wade is announcing both changes and some very enticing teasers of things to come in 2024; born out of over a decade Wade and guitarist Rich Marks have developed a songwriting style that is ‘out of this world’, and the reason they chose the name ASTRONOMICA. They believe it’s the best way to describe their sound.
The Awakening” is the upcoming new album from WADE BLACK’S ASTRONOMICA, a metal blast full of energy, huge vocals and punchy metallic riffs to die for, while talented Patrick Johansson smash the drums for a granite foundation.
This is easily one of the best melodic metal albums we heard this year so far…

All over his career, Wade Black has proven himself as a prolifc and hard working musician, loyal to the American metal sound. Therefore, his return with a new band under the name “WADE BLACK’S ASTRONOMICA” shouldn’t come as a surprise.
Of course, the name is a reference to the CRIMSON GLORY album, Wade Black‘s breakthrough record, and perhaps a statement that the current project is more personal, but based of his former band spirit.

From the first notes of “Deceiver” I felt like meeting again an old friend. We hear Wade‘s characteristic powerful voice, but most importantly, his approach to heavy metal: raw, yet melodic and introvert at the same time. Quite diverse yet, enough to provide an interesting and inspired album.

There is a modern approach in the classic American metal sound yet perrty early ’90s in the production intensity, with influences varing from CRIMSON GLORY (but of course), VICIOUS RUMORS and METAL CHURCH to melodic acts like LILIAN AXE and SAVATAGE.

But mostly, “The Awakening”, feels like what IMPELLITTERI should be doing 2024. Rich Marks’ riffs & solos are truly impressive, fast, clean, intricate – a killer, complete guitar work that will surprise you.
And then Patrick Johansson. Do yourself a favor – even if you aren’t a drummer – and later listen to this album paying attention to the drum work only. It’s awesome – the use of infinite intelligent fills, percussion – far from ordinary for sure.

“The Awakening” is heavy, technical, but darn catchy, easy flowing, fist in the air, plenty of melodic choruses.
There are various highlights like “Protectors of the Realm“ (‘the’ metal song of the year), “Hellwalker“, “Darkness falls“, “Letters from hell” all of them with a 90s metal feeling.
Yes, there are some aggressive parts, for example “Fate of faith”, a song that flirt with modern thrash metal yet do not cross lines.

We are more than happy that Wade Black is back. He is a talented musician, but we didn’t expected a new band / album of this quality. This is above standard melodic metal, excellent in songwriting, killer performances and first rate production.
Awesome stuff.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Deceiver
02 – Protectors of the Realm
03 – Destiny
04 – Monster
05 – Hellwalker
06 – Darkness Falls
07 – Fate of Faith
08 – Chasing After
09 – Letter from Hell
10 – Sirens
11 – Darkness Falls (Single Edit)

Wade Black (vocals)
Rich Marks (guitars, bass, keys)
James Fox (guitar, keys)
Patrick Johansson (drums)


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