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JUNKYARD DRIVE - Look At Me Now (2024) - full

Since 2014, JUNKYARD DRIVE has been determined to be the band that provides the soundtrack to life in the fast lane with the audience as passengers. With three critically acclaimed albums, lots of concerts and tours in most of the world, they have tried more than most Danish rock bands.
Now their fourth album is on the way, and the goal has changed. On “Look At Me Now”, Junkyard Drive rolls out ten high-octane hard rock tracks, delivered with flair, groove, precision and lots of energy. One is tempted to say renewed energy, because even though Junkyard Drive are largely recognizable on the new ten tracks, it is in many ways a changed band that delivers them.
A few changes in the line-up and a much-needed look inside the internal relationships have restored focus and renewed the joy of playing. “Look At Me Now” welcomes two new guitarists: talented Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia) and Kristoffer Kristensen. Both come with experience from genres other than rock, and that brings new ideas to the table during the songwriting process.
A killer album folks…

Right from the outset, the new album commands attention with the thunderous drumbeats and sharp guitar riffs of ”Somewhere To Hide” and the crunchy ”Shoot From The Hip”, setting the stage for lead vocalist Kris to deliver a performance that oozes charisma and power, akin to the captivating energy of “Black Wolf” and “Blood Red Sky.”
Kris’s vocals effortlessly soar over the intense instrumentation, delivering a message of defiance and resilience akin to the empowering anthems found in songs like “The Tide Is High.” What sets JUNKYARD DRIVE apart is their seamless fusion of classic hard rock elements with the contemporary edge from the Scandinavian scene, creating a sound that feels simultaneously timeless and fresh, much like the eclectic mix found in “Beauty Fool.”

“Look At Me Now” perfectly encapsulates this fusion, blending nostalgic guitar solos with a modern production that ensures its relevance in today’s diverse music scene, reminiscent of the dynamic soundscapes found in the great Hard Rock Legacy bands of yesteryear. Lyrically, “Look At Me Now” serves as an anthem of empowerment, with its themes of self-assertion and overcoming adversity resonating deeply, akin to the introspective narratives in “Afterglow.”

The infectious choruses invites listeners to join in and embrace their inner strength, making it impossible to resist tapping your foot or singing along. JUNKYARD DRIVE’s musical prowess is on full display, with each member contributing to the overall infectious groovy energy and intensity.
“Look At Me Now” heralds a triumphant return for JUNKYARD DRIVE, showcasing their growth as a band while staying true to the hard-hitting sound that has garnered them a dedicated following.
With its catchy hooks, explosive instrumentation, and empowering message, a testament to JUNKYARD DRIVE’s place as one of hard rock’s most exciting acts, poised to ignite stages around the globe.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Somewhere To Hide
02 – Shoot From The Hip
03 – Tearaway
04 – Black Wolf
05 – Beauty Fool
06 – Blood Red Sky
07 – Saw You Hanging There
08 – The Tide Is High
09 – Pipe Down
10 – Afterglow

Kris – lead vocals
Oliver Hartmann – guitar
Kristoffer Kristensen – guitar
Sjus – bass
Claus – drums & cowbell


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