TERAMAZE – Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace (2024) *HQ*

TERAMAZE - Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace (2024) - full

Aussie progressive metal titans TERAMAZE has solidified their place in the international progressive metal scene with their unique blend of technical prowess and emotive storytelling. Lead by guitarist, singer and founding member Dean Wells, Teramaze’s music weaves together elements of progressive and melodic metal, creating a sound that pushes the boundaries of the genre with each new piece of work.
And that’s exactly what happens with the band’s upcoming new effort titled “Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace“, an amusing concept album plenty of intricate melodies, powerful rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics, that finishes the trilogy of their Halo storyline, following 2015’s ‘Her Halo’ and 2021’s Sorella Minore’.
The new work takes us to A Place Called Halo, the circus where it all began in the height of it‘s popularity. Eli, a shipwreck survivor discovers the travelling tented landscape, and becomes the star attraction… but at a terrible price.
“Eli: A Wonderful Fall From Grace” showcases TERAMAZE evolution as a band and solidifies their status as one of the most diverse and captivating conceptual acts in modern progressive metal. An impressive release for sure.


01 – A Place Called Halo
02 – The Will of Eli
03 – Step Right Up
04 – I Mantissa
05 – Madam Roma
06 – Standing Ovation
07 – Hands Are Tied
08 – A Wonderful Fall From Grace

Nathan Peachey: Lead Vocals
Dean Wells: Vocals, Guitars
Andrew Cameron: Bass
Chris Zoupa: Guitars
Nick Ross: Drums


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