Just about five years since formed, BARRY GOUDREAU’s ENGINE ROOM continues to operate at maximum efficiency, and that is quite apparent listening to the band’s awesome second album “The Road“.
Former BOSTON / ORION THE HUNTER / RTZ guitarist Barry Goudreau has glued a tremendous Classic Rock band including experienced musicians like himself, and a new blood of young, talented players.
The new album title pays homage to the ‘The Road’ as BARRY GOUDREAU’s ENGINE ROOM have been touring all over America before the pandemic.
The band has the same line up since formed, including Barry’s RTZ bandmates Brian Maes (lead vocals & keyboards) and Tim Archibald (bass), plus drummer Tony Depietro and three great female vocalists, whom also perform some leads.
All that time together on the road resulted in a palpable chemistry for the group, and “The Road” sounds cohesive and strong, with Goudreau dropping some terrific solos…

BARRY GOUDREAU’s ENGINE ROOM – Full Steam Ahead (2017)

Barry Goudreau returns to top form with his latest project Engine Room. His creativity and his manner of expressing it come across in fully realized, three dimensional songs combining of course the classic Boston atmospheres, rockin’ blues and some of the melodic, AOR feel of his former projects Orion The Hunter and RTZ.
Somebody must have added a turbo shot to Goudreau’s coffee because this lead guitar man plays here like a streaking meteorite that’s never coming down.
Opening track ‘Need’ is killer rocker with a rushing, urgent energy in its full throttle guitar phrase, its relentless groove, and in its smooth soaring vocals. Feeling lofty and airborne and racing at full speed, ‘Need’ weaves a robust sound out of thin air.
Crunchy, bluesy guitar work from Goudreau…

BOSTON – More Than A Feeling [Live: first tour ever] (2019)

Titled “More Than A Feeling”, it has been released this BOSTON performance captured at their first tour ever in 1976, taken from the FM WMMS radio station broadcast. This recording was allegedly taken from the WMMS radio station vaults by a disgruntled employee and sold to a rabid Boston fan. That is the ‘story’, whether it’s true or not I...

RTZ – Return To Zero [Rock Candy remastered] (2016)

RTZ – Return To Zero [Rock Candy remastered] (2016)

     the REAL one Now it’s time to feature here one of my favorite albums from the last twenty-five years; RTZ “Return To Zero“, brilliantly remastered by Rock Candy Records. This record, simply put, it’s a Melodic Rock Heaven. There is no question that Boston, the band, pretty much re-wrote the rule book when it came to defining the sound...