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BEAU COUP – Live 30th Anniversary (2017) *0dayrox Exclusive*

In 1987, it was nearly impossible to listen to any radio station in America Midwestern region and not hear a song by Beau Coup within a hour of radio airtime. That’s how popular this Cleveland, Ohio band was and if you didn’t catch one of their songs on one station just turn the dial and chances are you’d hear one of their songs currently being spun on another DJ’s turntable. Despite the genre or radio format, Beau Coup’s music was everywhere. They were extremely popular with radio listeners, Billboard Magazine and MTV.
Beau Coup were a instant hit with song’s such as “Born and Raised (On Rock ‘n Roll)”, “Sweet Rachel” (a Billboard Top 100 Hit), “Jane” and “Still In My Heart.” Their combination of fluttering keyboard sounds, melodic lead vocals, clean background vocals, sweet guitar solos and heartfelt lyrics, formed a unique and “fresh” signature AOR/pop-rock sound.
BEAU COUP reunited in 2015 for their 30th Anniversary concert at The Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield, all recorded and released on this “Live 30th Anniversary” album including refreshed versions of their lovely ’80s songs. Only available on physical CD…

BEAU COUP – Then & Now + 1st EP ’84 [digitally remastered]

Despite of never achieving major national attention, BEAU COUP was one of the most popular Cleveland, Ohio area bands in the mid-80s. The project started in 1983 by vocalist Tommy Amato & guitarist Mike McGill, and after various line-up changes (even guitar master Tim Pierce and drummer Eric Singer among others were part of the band) finally with the addition of keyboardist / songwriter Dennis Lewin (coming from another cult band called Jonah Koslen and the Heroes) Beau Coup was complete. In fact, Lewin would become Beau Coup’s main songwriter.
Then & Now” was released when the band reunited two decades ago, features 5 songs taken from their two Eighties albums, 5 new tracks (most were composed in the ’80s) plus 4 ‘bonus from the early days’, all of them being the remaining tracks from their first, hard to find, vinyl-only 1984 EP.
Beau Coup played classic mid-80s American AOR with that polished and clean sound we all love. And that’s what you’ll find here in spades…

BEAU COUP – Born & Raised (On Rock N’ Roll) [CD reissue enhanced sound] *0dayrox Exclusive*

As requested, here’s this American ’80s cult classic album from BEAU COUP titled “Born & Raised (On Rock N’ Roll)“, in its rare CD edition mastered by the band itself when reunited in 2006. Beau Coup is one of the many exciting bands (and solo artists) who will always be fondly remembered within the AOR and pomp-rock minded community, but who outside this sphere have never received the recognition they so richly deserved.
This Ohio based band released a limited edition (1000 copies) 6 track EP back in 1984 – where notable musicians were involved in one way or another, like excellent guitarist Tim Pierce – followed three years later by this full length 9-track album “Born & Raised (On Rock N’ Roll)”.
This is one of the most exquisite indie Melodic Rock / AOR / pop-rock LP’s released in 1987, and the sound quality of this reissue is really good…