DUKE – ST (2010)

DUKE - ST (2010)

It is a pleasure and a joy to know that from Spain still are out musical projects that look at the melodic rock style. But in this case the joy and pleasure goes beyond as in DUKE we find one of the best albums of the genre from a non traditional country in recent years.
DUKE is led by singer Javier Rodríguez who has teamed up with his fellow countrymen Rafa Martin to produce and co-write the album.
Rafa Martin has gained international success with his critically acclaimed disc “Corazon De Hierro” (1995), which was produced and co-written by musicians from Harem Scarem. Both flew to Toronto with their songs, and all HAREM SCAREM crew accepted to be involved.

Pete Lesperance plays guitar on the entire album and he has also co-produced, Creighton Doane plays drums and Harry Hess sings a duet with Javier on ‘Into The Sun’, and also mixed the whole thing.
‘Las Musas Del Buen Soñador’ is a nice midtempo while ‘Yo No Soy James Bond’ has very cool rhythm guitars by Lesperance. ‘Volver a Buscar’ is a modern laid back ballad, ‘Mundo Magico’ has the typical Harem Scarem / Rubber vibe with strong guitars.

But the best track here is ‘Dentro Del Sol’, also sung with Harry Hess at the end of the disc with english lyrics. Instant uptempo song with a really good catchy chorus.
Another rocker comes with ‘Detrás De Nuestra Canción’ featuring interesting vocal melodies, ‘No Puedo Estar Mejor’ has strong verses and one of the best Lesperance solos.

This is a solid album, well written and produced, with a rounded and polished sound.
The Spanish lyrics shouldn’t bother you, because music wise it’s first class stuff in the vein of Harem Scarem and other Canadian acts.


1. Las Musas del Buen Sonador

2. Yo No Soy James Bond

3. Volver A Buscar

4. Mundo Magico

5. Dentro Del Sol

6. Dame Una Portunidad

7. Detras De Questra Cancion

8. No Puedo Estar Mejor

9. Quiero Conocer

10. Cecilia

11. Into The Sun (duet with Harry Hess)

Duke (Javi Rodriguez) : Vocals
Pete Lesperance : Guitars, Bass
Creighton Doane : Drums & Percussion
Pau Alvarez : Keyboards
Rafa Martin : Backing Vocals
Harry Hess : Backing Vocals

Recorded in H-Bomb studios, Toronto, Canada
Mixed by Harry Hess
Produced by Rafa Martin & Pete Lesperance


out of print

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