ALLEN LANDE – The Showdown (2010)

ALLEN LANDE The Showdown

ALLEN / LANDE represents the finest expression of Melodic Hard Rock nowadays.

With two world renowned singers, Jorn Lande (Masterplan) and Russell Allen (Symphony X) sharing lead vocals, this project has become a staple among the fans.

The first chapter of Jorn Lande and Russell Allen’s collaboration, “The Battle” was unleashed in September 2005 with unanimous acclaim from fans and critics alike.

In spring 2007, the second chapter entitled “The Revenge” was released and met again with an amazing reaction from press and fans.

Now it is the turn of “The Showdown”, the anticipated third album of the studio project.

With two of the best singers in the business it’s easy to get inspiration to write good music” says the mastermind of the project, Swedish guitar player, songwriter and producer Magnus Karlsson.

Musically “The Showdown” sounds like “A mix of both previous releases with “The Battle“ being more Melodic and “The Revenge” which was more in the Hard Rock direction“, according to Karlsson, who concludes “I’m more satisfied than ever with the songs and performances, but also because the mix by Achim Kohler (Primal Fear) is by far the best I ever had on any album!

With the skilled Jamie Salazar on drums and Magnus Karlsson on everything else, “The Showdown” features 12 incredibly solid tracks.

From true rockin’ crackers (“Never Again, “The Showdown”, “We Will Rise Again”), ballads (“Copernicus”, “Maya”, “Eternity”) to rock anthems (“Turn All Into Gold”, “Bloodlines”, “The Guardian”), you got everything you can wish for into a rock CD.

This album is something for both older and younger metal fans.

It’s not ‘heavy’ at all, yet powerful and strong, but extremely melodic and commercial.

The vocal range, tone, power of these two monsters are out of this world.

“The Showdown” is by far the best of the 3 Allen-Lande project, thanks to the terrific songwriting quality, the awesome production, hooky choruses, virtuoso guitar solos, bombastic and technical drumming, beautiful sweeping pianos / keyboards and… the vocal talents of two of the finest metal vocalists around.


01. The Showdown (5:56)

02. Judgement Day (5:53)

03. Never Again (4:58)

04. Turn All Into Gold (4:01)

05. Bloodlines (5:06)

06. Copernicus (5:02)

07. We Will Rise Again (5:53)

08. The Guardian (4:40)

09. Maya (4:24)

10. The Artist (5:10)

11. Eternity (5:35)

12. Copernicus [Acoustic version] (4:45) [Japan bonus track]

Jorn Lande – LEAD vocals

Russell Allen – LEAD vocals

Magnus Karlsson – guitars, bass, keyboards

Jaime Salazar – drums


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