STRYPER – Heaven And Hell (2010)

STRYPER - Heaven And Hell

STRYPER have set “The Covering” as the title of their new album of covers, to be released in February, 2011.
The CD will feature the band’s original lineup of Michael Sweet on vocals, Robert Sweet on drums, Oz Fox on guitar and Timothy Gaines on bass, including STRYPER’s renditions of the classics: “Breaking The Law” (JUDAS PRIEST), “Shout It Out Loud” (KISS), “Heaven And Hell” (BLACK SABBATH), “Highway Star” (DEEP PURPLE), among others.

The advance single, BLACK SABBATH’s “Heaven and Hell” is a long-running song by Stryper standards, clocking in at 6 minutes 13 seconds (47 seconds shorter than the original).
STRYPER’s version is powerful, a slow-moving crowd rouser.
Begins with a sort of Gregorian chant – it will catch you off guard – but it’s very cool.
The production on “Heaven And Hell” is the best Stryper have done to date. Clean separation of instruments.
Robert’s Drums sound like you’re sitting on the drummer’s throne with him. Cymbals, snare, kick and toms sound big and “live”.
Tim’s Bass guitar is tight and punchy.
The guitars are crisp and biting, and yes, there is a sweet Oz Fox solo.
And your going to be in for a nice surprise when you hear Micheal’s vocals!

Stryper has changed the lyrics of course.
It’s interesting to listen this christian band performing a ‘strong secular’ song.
Lyrics sheet included, also “Peace Of Mind” (BOSTON cover) remixed, not to be included into “The Covering”

01 – Heaven And Hell
02 – Peace Of Mind [remix] (non album track)
00 – Lyrics sheet

Michael Sweet: vocals
Robert Sweet: drums
Oz Fox: guitar
Timothy Gaines: bass


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  1. daz-a-cid says:

    Thanx a lot!

    Glad to listening this band!
    I´ll be waitig for the hole album next year.

    I supose that the choice of this song is a special tribute to Dio (R.I.P).

  2. 0dayrock says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Removed from online storage – please reupload

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