DAN REED – Coming Up For Air (2010)

DAN REED Coming Up For Air

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DAN REED NETWORK was at the second half of the ’80s the ‘next big thing’.

His mix of funk and polished hard rock, a kind of Mothers Finest meets Van Halen, cracked the Billboard Top 40 and was in heavy rotation on MTV.

In late 1993, The DRN went on hiatus and in the years to come Dan followed numerous paths, working on solo projects and pursuing opportunities to act in theatre and film, as well as extending into screenplay writing.

It’s now almost 20 years since the last DRN album ‘The Heat’, times have changed and so have people.

After years walking on the darker side, fuelled by alcohol, drugs and ultimately burning out, Dan realised that a change was required in his life.

A travel to India changed things drastically.

Befriending a couple of tibetan monks, it was their request of Dan to teach them western music (specifically Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’), that gave Reed the motivation to once again return to writing music, with the track ‘On Your Side’ off his new CD, “Coming Up For Air” being the first track he wrote.

Encounters with Israeli musicians in India led to him venturing to Jerusalem, were further foundations for “Coming Up For Air” were laid.

This isn’t the funked up Dan Reed Network, this is Dan Reed the solo singer/songwriter, in reflective mood and searching his soul through reflective lyrics and softly spoken sweet melodies and vocal harmonies.

Going on the contents of this disc, you’d have to say that Dan remains a very underrated songwriter and craftsman. These songs have a simplicity to them that few can achieve without over-complicating things.

There is a definite beauty to these tracks, stripped back to acoustic guitars, piano, steel guitar and an absolute ton of left of center instruments such as Turkish Kemence, Ude, Chinese Gu-zheng, lots of various percussion and even a couple of additional dialects in guest vocal appearances.

On “Brave New World” Dan quotes Ghandi, and there is a message of peace and hope.

“Dictator” has Charlie Chaplin’s voice mixed in giving his ‘Great Dictator’ speech from 1940 portraying the same uplifting message of peace. This displays a unique creativity that sets Dan Reed apart from the rest.

“Losing My Fear” is a feel good song and anyone who has had a trepidation about faith can relate to it.

This is just to name a few. All the tracks are equally amazing.

“Coming Up For Air” is a very spiritual album and will appeal to those that like intelligent acoustic based melodic pop, with authoritative vocals and a bit of world-music approach.

It’s kind of like Eric Martin’s ‘Somewhere In The Middle’ or Joey Tempest’s ‘Place To Call Home’ and more recently Richard Page’s ‘Peculiar Life’. Just with more twists…

Lyrically the album follows Dan’s inspiring personal ups and downs and his exploration of faith and a search for something deeper in life.

Soft and reflective, but if the mood suits, this will impress.

Those a little more open minded, with an appreciation for good songs and performances regardless of the style, will find “Coming Up For Air” a rewarding experience.


01 – Coming Up for Air

02 – Losing My Fear

03 – Closer

04 – On Your Side

05 – Brave New World

06 – Feels Like Home

07 – Middle of Nowhere

08 – Sacred Ground

09 – Reach for the Sun

10 – Candlelight

11 – Promised Land

12 – Pray for Rain

13 – The Dictator

14 – Rainbow Child (Live) [iTunes bonus]

Lead Vocals – Dan Reed

Bass – Dan Reed, Bengan Jonasson, Tommy Anthony, Rob Daiker

Drums – Joe Mengis, Kfir Shtivi, Tommy Anthony

Guitar – Dan Reed, Tommy Anthony, Rob Daiker

Keyboards – Dan Reed, Kfir Shtivi, Rob Daiker

Piano/Synthesizer – Clay Ostwald

Percussion – Mike Collins, Joe Mengis

Violin – Srour Saleeba



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