INVERTIGO – Next Stop Vertigo (2010/11)

INVERTIGO Next Stop Vertigo

Formed back in 2008 in Germany’s Ruhr area, InVertigo is officially throwing their hat into the neo-prog rock arena with their debut album “Next Stop Vertigo”.
They take elements from modern neo-prog rock, mix it with art rock and come up with a blend of catchy, epicness and radio friendly rock.

The hardest thing to believe about this album is that it’s the band’s first effort .
From the quality of the musicianship, the great songwriting and the overall understanding of their subject matter everything here just screams professionalism.
The ability this band has to wrap mounds of melody around some progressive pieces together with the multilayered vocals and arrangements are a true testament to the band and their belief.

The first thing that comes to mind is Hogarth-era Marillion, It Bites, Spock’s Beard and a bit of Yes and Genesis. So if that’s not your bag, leave now but forever regret that choice.
With every off-beat key or time change the band give it their all and make it seem effortless.
Opening track “Vertigo” is pure neo-prog gold painted with a strong melodic sense.
The multi-layered “The Night” put listeners under their spell at once with its symphonic character.
The twelve minute long epic “Special” calls to mind Marillion and certainly has a bit of a Steve Hogarth vibe throughout. The versatility of the vocals and the complex arrangement should be emphasized, highlighted by the excellent melodic passages. This track shows the capabilities of the band, combining various elements into a coherent body of work.
On “Take Your Time” the bass sounds very jazzy, guitars and keyboards are moving in the spheres of neo prog and art rock and blend beautifully together.
“Night On Broadway” is undoubtedly reminiscent of Genesis with a modern approach.
Closing track “Saturday Evening” -which is a little different from the rest of the album- is beautifully arranged and really should get all neo-prog fans jumping out of their seats.

This is certainly a nice little surprise, a modern day neo-prog album that sounds neither too retro nor too fresh.
INVERTIGO split the middle and display songwriting skills that could one day challenge even some of the big guns of the genre.
“Next Stop Vertigo” is highly recommended to all neo-prog fans and pretty much listeners of any type of music that puts melody before showing-off.
This band can be compared to Marillion, It Bites, Spock’s Beard, Satellite and early day Genesis, injecting to their music a personal twist, good melodies and even some feel-good factor, without pomposity and exaggerated pathos.
Keep your ears open for these five talented musicians because as good as this one is, I think it’s only a hint of what they’re truly capable of.
Re-released. 1st press sold out.

1. Vertigo
2. The Night
3. Special
4. Take Your Time
5. Night On Broadway
6. Saturday Evening

Sebastian Brennert – Vocals, Keys
Jacques Moch – Guitars
Michael Kuchenbecker – Keys
Matthias Hommel – Bass
Carsten Dannert – Drums

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