VIOLET SUN – Loneliness In Supremacy (2011)

VIOLET SUN Loneliness In Supremacy

The idea to create VIOLET SUN came in 2005 after multi-instrumentalist Dario Grillo (ex-Thy Majestie, Platens) heard the voice of female vocalist Alessandra Amata, a singer of great talent well known in the Sicilian musical circle.

Dario had some very interesting unpublished work that proposed to her.

Alessandra immediately showed herself to be very enthusiastic about the project and so in a few months they began to work to the drawing up and the realization of the songs contained in the debut album.

“Loneliness In Supremacy”, the band’s elegant debut, makes you dig through layers and layers of symphonic edges that draw up the blueprint, enough melodic & progressive hooks, and even a few gothic abstracts which give color to the darker sides of the album.

It abounds in creativity, variety and versatility. As a not so unfortunate side-effect, the album goes through several ups and downs; some parts will take you by storm while the more progressive parts are more resistant and engulfed in a thick blanket of fog to cut you off.

Various healing melodies are designed to appeal to the audience’s emotions, but the next moment the more complex arrangements work repelling and push the listener around like a demented pinball.

And also the seducing interplay between the wide and dynamic range of clean male and female vocals works enchanting.

Alessandra Amata is blessed with a natural voice, which shines Violet Sun away from gothic-metal corners and gives the band a broader reach.

Officially a trio, Violet Sun also features a sax player (with an unexpectedly moving performance on “Falling In Love”) and an opera choir.

But apart from the magnificent of the sound and arrangements, the approach of the band is commercial and melodic.

“Cross The Line” and “Pray On The Grave” come closest to the traditional female-fronted european hard rock sound.

“When The Lights Go Down” is even radiable, “Break Your Chains” has a catchy chorus, and “Inside Out” is almost a melodic rocker in its essence.

“Loneliness In Supremacy” is an evolving journey, a complex but interesting mixture of styles such as metal opera music, european hard rock, progressive, modern AOR, all perfectly blended together to create impactful melodies.

A colorful album that demands your attention and bridges the gap between melodic hard rock and symphonic metal.

01. Dust In The Wind

02. Inside Out

03. Midnight [Instrumental]

04. When The Lights Go Down

05. Cross The Line

06. Falling In Love

07. Where Is My Way Home

08. My Flame Still Burns

09. Pray On The Grave

10. Break Your Chains

11. Synthetic Pleasures

12. Loneliness In Supremacy [Instrumental]

Alessandra Amata – Lead Vocals & Piano

Alex Grillo – Drum & Percussions

Dario Grillo – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Orchestral scores


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