MIKE TRAMP – Stand Your Ground (2011)

MIKE TRAMP & The Rock N Roll Circuz Stand Your Ground 2011

“Mike Tramp & The Rock ‘N’ Roll Circuz” is the new band project from the ex White Lion vocalist.

The self titled debut in 2009 was a profound musical statement by Mike Tramp, since his solo career started twenty years ago.
With a retrospective style ranging from Springsteen meets the more laid back White Lion, that was his most personal album to date.

Forget the ‘americana’ sound of the debut.
“Stand Your Ground” is a muscular pure Rock ‘N Roll album, with tons of guitars and melodies. The album that White Lion fans were waiting for.

The CD kicks with “Don’t Let Them Put It On You”. Starts with an air alarm and sets the perfect tone in about what to expect on the album: pure rock full of electric guitars and a ‘Live’ vibe.
“Alright By Me” is another straight mid tempo rocker which makes it clear that Mike Tramp has really found his sound. Great harmony vocals to fill it all up with melody and charisma.
“Distance” is a beautiful semi-ballad about love and sadness, the distance between two persons in a relation. This is the kind of songs you’d love at first listen. Very, very melodic. A highlight without a doubt.

“Gotta Get Away” rocks from the start with an infectious riff full of energy, then the pre-chorus is typically White Lion and the guitar solo really vintage.
“Straight From The Look In My Eyes” is in a ‘heavier’ Tom Petty style, the first track with noticeable acoustic guitars. The chorus is wonderful, melodic in the best Tramp tradition. Sweet guitar solo too.
“Got Me Crazy” drives you crazy indeed. Uptempo rocker where you can hear a ‘real’ band feeling, very live and vital.

“Wish You Well” is an emotional slow track with some great lyrics. The more raspy side of Mike’s vocals find a right place on this tune.
“The World Is Changing” is a dark song that’s remind Tramp’s years in Freak of Nature. But the track has a great hook during the pre-chorus and the guitar solo is very good and original.
“Prettiest Girl” is a simple and catchy midtempo, a typical Mike Tramp song, it could have been on any of his solo albums from the past.

“Say What You Will” starts with thumping drums filled up by a break-out guitar riff, then explodes into a foot-tap rocker. It’s absolutely a great song to hear live on a stage or driving your car.
“The Soldier Never Started A War” is a great track. A protest song against war. The marching drum work, hammond organ, crystalline guitars and deep bassline really gives something extra to Mike’s vocals, which here is at his very best. Another highlight.
On some countries, the album includes as bonus the beautiful tribute of epic proportion, to the late Ronnie James Dio. “Hymn To Ronnie”, clocking in at almost 8 minutes long, takes you through a magical journey of RJD’s life, and you will be left breathless at the end. The ultimate tribute ever.

“Stand Your Ground” is exactly the right title for this album.
Mike Tramp sticks to his pure rock style again and it is clear that this disc is recorded almost live, it’s pure, honest Rock ‘N Roll.
The Rock N Roll Circuz clearly has also grown as a band, sounds energic, compact and full of life.
The best Mike Tramp’s work since White Lion.
Yes, is that good.

1 – Don’t Let Them Put It On You
2 – Alright By Me
3 – Distance
4 – Gotta Get Away
5 – Straight From The Look In My Eyes
6 – Got Me Crazy
7 – Wish You Well
8 – The World Is Changing
9 – Prettiest Girl
10 – Say What You Will
11 – The Soldier Never Started A War

Mike Tramp – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Claus Langeskov – Bass
Søren Andersen – Guitar
Morten Hellborn – Drums
Emily Garriock – Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion


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5 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mike Tramp has released solo albums since 1998: http://miketramp.dk/?id=233818
    The last two albums is actually Mike Tramp & The Rock 'n' Roll Circuz.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Notis says:

    you rock dude;))

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great that you used my review and spiced it up!
    It would be nice though if you would have included my website as source.
    But i will forgive you because i really dig the review!

    w w w . m i k e t r a m p . w e b s . c o m

  5. NïK says:

    Oh yet another rock jewel that I just discovered!
    I did like some work of Tramp since I heard Freak of Nature, but when I heard this album’s tracks 1 & 8 I was simply blown away!
    Quintessential rock’n’roll in all its glory. Everything (and I do mean it) is perfect in those two tracks: drumming, bass lines (really need to be listened to carefully), guitars, voice and lyrics. Not to mention the precise, yet energetic production.

    Faultless, timeless pieces of heroic rock history!

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