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Current Mike Tramp lead guitar man and Glenn Hughes touring guitarist (touring UK together last month), SOREN ANDERSEN has been a part of the Danish and all Europe music business for two decades, yet at the ripe age of 37 released his first solo album “Constant Replay”. Most sidemen have a dream of being the one in center of the spotlight. Therefore “Constant Replay” is natural progress in Soren Andersen’s career.

Soren takes advantage of being in charge since he has written all songs, sings, plays guitars, keyboards and also produces. Basic tracks for the album were recorded at Søren’s Medley Studios, with help from musicians / session friends on bass & drums.

The style of “Constant Replay” is a great compendium of trends in the guitar rock world for the past 30 years, resulting in varied and eclectic collection of tunes, from melodic hard rock to catchy hard rockers.
Andersens’ playing is wonderful and his choice of tones is tasty, proving why Tramp and Hughes hired him. Accomplished vocalist as well, Soren’s vocals reminds me Ritchie Sambora or Hughes itself on many songs.

Just by listening to the songs you can tell that Andersen, and the rest of the band for that matter, have played them with big goofy smiles on their faces, foots on monitors and hair flying around in the air. That’s an endearing quality that even though Søren undeniably is an amazingly skilled guitarist, he resists the urge to show off. The guitar solos are short, sharp and leaves you hungry for more.

It all starts with the catchy “Song About You”, a melodic rocker in the early Bryan Adams-style but with tons of punch. Great tune to listen on your car cranked to 10.
“Glitter World” has a blistering guitar riff and a monster guitar solo around a commercial chorus.
The modern and heavy “Black Lady” has a groovy riff and many guitar twists, a sound reminiscent of recent Ozzy albums or Black Label Society but with more class and style.

One of may favorites is “Lavender In My Calendar”, a summer song that deserves to be played loud in your convertible on a summer day. A true coool song that Ace Frehley could have written for his first solo album. Riff and chorus Rocks!
Soren pay tribute to legends Gary Moore and Jimi Hendrix on the gorgeous ballad “So Many Faces”. This man is a serious player. It is easy to see (hear) why this Andersen is endorsing major brands such as Marshall, Yamaha or D’Adario.

“Cold Shock” is a terrific ’70s inspired hard rocker in the Glenn Hughes style, while “Leave Me Alone” is a moody melodic song that reminds ’80s Robert Plant solo albums.
“Catch Me If You Can” is another fun, groovy rocker in a heavy-funk style, think the first Lenny Kravitz with with more, more elaborated guitar work.
The title of “California Girl” says it all: this is a melodic easy listening rocker with a contagious chorus. Another summer-fun tune to enjoy at maximum volume.

SOREN ANDERSEN - Constant Replay - back

“Constant Replay” is equally well-suited to a trip down Sunset Strip in an convertible car with the music playing at full blast as it is on an iPod during a train journey in Europe.
It’s big, happy rock packed with good and unabashedly pop melodies. Latest Mike Tramp’s release ‘Stand Your Ground’ is a perfect example of Soren Andersen when he sounds best.
The album is diverse and spans within all aspects of Rock music, from Hendrix to Deep Purple, from classic (melodic) rock to traditional hard.

But that’s really a pointless exercise as “Constant Replay” works perfectly on its own. It’s a melodic, well-played, great rock album with lots of twangs and pings you don’t hear the first time, but appreciate the fourth or fifth time you go through the tracks.
Soren Andersen is a complete and inventive player and an experienced producer. The result is top notch professional work. Production is perfect, crisp and organic, he already has produced a dozen albums.
I love the sound of summer that “Constant Replay” possesses. Old school classic rock as it was meant to be played.
Really, really good.


01 – Song About You
02 – Glitterworld
03 – Black Lady
04 – Lavender In My Calendar
05 – So Many Faces
06 – Cold Shock
07 – Leave Me Alone
08 – Catch Me If You Can
09 – The Letter
10 – California Girl
11 – Time To Time
12 – Bad Luck

Soren Andersen: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion
Jesper Edvardsen: Bass tracks 1, 4, 9, 10
Frederik Bokkenheuser: Drums
Mikkel Riber: Bass tracks 3, 5, 12
Asger Moller: Drums tracks 3, 5, 12
Martin Krarup: Drums track 2
Lars Andresen: Hammond B-3 track 3
Thomas Carlsen: congas tracks 3 & 8



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