STATUS QUO – Quid Pro Quo (2011)

STATUS QUO - Quid Pro Quo (2011)
Limited Edition 2 CD

“Quid Pro Quo” ends the longest wait for a new Status Quo album since the legendary band’s first hit in 1969, following on four years after 2007’s ‘In Search Of The Fourth Chord’.
Status Quo have been consistently releasing material since their first album in 1968, but later releases weren’t solid enough discs, and the Classic Rock community almost lost faith on them.

The going rumour prior to the release of “Quid Pro Quo” was that this would be the most rocking Status Quo album in years.
Well, “Quid Pro Quo” did not disappoint on its promise. This is a true rockin’ album on all aspects.
The band’s ever-present six-stringers, vocalists and principle songwriters Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt are British rock and roll institutions.
In terms of vocal performance, this is their best job from the last 20 years, edgy and sometimes pleasantly rough (years of singing) but that’s a benefit to these rocking tunes. It feels like Rossi and Parfitt had more fun recording this album, and some of Parfitt’s vocals in particular are top class.

From the off, “Quid Pro Quo” is a through-and-through, back to basics album for Status Quo. It sounds a lot more ‘live’ and vital.
Direct and with only few overdubs, the entire album has that kinda ‘Heavy Traffic’ feel to it.
Saying that they’ve ‘gone back to basics’ doesn’t just mean that everything is gonna be a 3 chord shuffle – not at all (though there is some of it).
The best stuff comes from Andy Bown, Rhino and Rossi. The playing and arrangements in the quirky “Dust To Gold”, the chorus of “The Winner” and the ’80s “Frozen Hero” are just phenomenal to listen to.

If there is one thing this album specialises in, it’s catchy Classic Rock choruses. One of the best on this album is “Better Than That”.
On “Can’t See For Looking” Rhino and Andy provide impressive three part harmony with Rick, very catchy too.
“Leave A Little Light On” threatens to break out as something a little different. Indeed, the guitar hook mixes things up a bit and makes this another strong track.
“Reality Check” is a bit of a slower, bluesy rocker that provides a nice change of pace.
Quid Pro Quo concludes with a powerful new version of “In The Army Now” that shows an untapped depth to the band, ending the album on a high note.
The nice accompanying CD on this Limited Edition, the “Official Live Bootleg” album features 12 older songs recorded by the band in Amsterdam and Melbourne in 2010.

Perhaps you’re scratching your head and thinking: What? Another Status Quo album? Well, let me tell you; these dinosaurs still can teach a lesson or two to many ‘rock stars’ out there.
The band haven’t sounded this vibrant or guitar-orientated since the definitive ‘On the Level’ and ‘Blue For You,’ released between 1973 and 1976.
Vocal wise, the band are on top form. Francis is as vocally impressive as ever. Rick, regardless of the fact that he had a throat operation, provides a damned good vocal performance throughout the album. Rhino and Andy provide some brilliant harmony work here and there.
Another factor in the album’s favour, even on the lighter numbers, is Andy Bown’s keyboards and piano runs are used to add a flourish to the songs, or provide an accompaniment, rather than lead the songs or take control of the melody. This is a fun, guitar led oriented album.
After more than four decades and now 29 albums, the Quo still are one of Classic Rock’s most consistent bands, and with “Quid Pro Quo” they ROCK again.

UK Tracklisting :

Two Way Traffic (Rossi/Edwards) – 4:00
Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘n’ You (Rossi/Bown) – 3:32
Dust To Gold (Rossi/Bown/Edwards) – 4:52
Let’s Rock (Parfitt/Morris) – 4:28
Can’t See For Looking (Parfitt/Bown/Edwards) – 3:55
Better Than That (Rossi/Young) – 3:18
Movin’ On (Rossi/Young) – 4:05
Leave A Little Light On (Parfitt/Morris) – 4:05
Any Way You Like It (Bown/Crook/Edwards) – 3:18
Frozen Hero (Rossi/Bown) – 4:21
Reality Cheque (Parfitt/Edwards) – 4:05
The Winner (Rossi/Young) – 3:18
It’s All About You (Rossi/Young) – 2:54
My Old Ways (Rossi/Young) – 3:04
In The Army Now (2010) (Bolland/Bolland) – 3:53

Ltd. Ed. CD – Official Live Bootleg :

Whatever You Want
Down Down
Don’t Drive My Car
Hold You Back
Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Ice In The Sun
Beginning Of The End
Roll Over Lay Down
Rockin’ All Over The World

Francis Rossi – Vocals & lead guitar
Rick Parfitt – Vocals & guitar
John Edwards – Bass & vocals
Andy Bown – Keyboards
Matt Letley – Drums
Additional Personnel:
Bob Young – Harmonica (on track 13)
Nick Rossi – Backing vocals (on tracks 2, 6, 7, 12–14)
Kick Horns – Horns (on track 4)
Simon Clarke – Baritone Sax
Paul Spong – Trumpet
Tim Sanders – Tenor Sax


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