GREAT WHITE – Absolute Hits (2011)

GREAT WHITE - Absolute Hits (2011)


At the end of the eighties, success in the American melodic hard rock scene was largely determined by hair style, clothes and looks.
However, unattractive guys in bands like Tesla, Guns ’N Roses and Great White managed to sell millions of albums. They distinguished themselves by making good quality music.

Great White were masters in composing bluesy hard rock songs and especially ballads and enjoyed great success with albums like ‘Once Bitten’, ‘Twice Shy’ and to a lesser extent ‘Hooked’.
With plenty of slide guitar and Jack Russell’s Blues-soaked vocals, Great White always stood apart from their assumed contemporaries and while they never sold nearly as many albums as the giants in that genre, their songs still manage to hold up quite well over the decades.

Another Great White ‘Greatest Hits’ CD? Really?
Yes, but, for you information, this is the best compiled ever.
Their label released previously, some years ago, 2 compilations of the band (the only ‘official’) but on both replaced some original tracks with live versions or re-recorded ones.
“Absolute Hits” includes for the first time all the original 13 singles from 1984-1992. The 2 remaining songs are “All Over Now” from Once Bitten and “She Only” from 1989’s Twice Shy album (good choices).
Mastering and sound quality is really good.
Finally, all the best original versions, on one CD for a cheap price.

GREAT WHITE - Absolute Hits (2011) tracklist

Jack Russell – vocals
Mark Kendall – lead guitar
Michael Lardie – guitar and keyboards
Tony Montana – bass
Audie Desbrow – drums


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