STEEL PANTHER – 17 Girls In A Row (2011)

STEEL PANTHER - 17 Girls In A Row (2011) explicit version radio edit version


Steel Panther have gained a massive amount of notoriety with their brand of ’80s Sunset Strip hair rock revival.
The band had their biggest break to date with the fun and hilarious track ‘Death To All But Metal’ from their 2009 release ‘Feel The Steel’.

Having already set the bar high, “17 Girls In A Row” – the band’s first single from their upcoming album ‘Balls Out’ – proves that Steel Panther are more than one-hit wonders.
This single delivers exactly what Steel Panther is known for and what late eighties music fans are certain to embrace.
From the very start, “17 Girls In A Row” exudes an attitude reminiscent of the best rockin’ Motley Crue and Poison.

Guitarist Russ Satchel Parrish shows off his prowess once again with a perfectly fitting lead riff and impressive soloing, while Michael Starr owns his vocal performance, conveying personality and classic glam rock falsettos.
Steel Panther are the perfect band for metal fans who both appreciate and lament cliche ’80s hair metal.
Regardless of your personal taste, “17 Girls In A Row” is a fun song to sing along with while you’re pretending to headline the Roxy in skin-tight leather pants.
Party On.

01 – 17 Girls In A Row (Explicit Version)

02 – 17 Girls In A Row (Edited Radio Version)


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