FERGIE FREDERIKSEN – Happiness Is The Road (2011)

FERGIE FREDERIKSEN - Happiness Is The Road (2011)


I’m not surprised that “Happiness Is The Road” is among the best AOR / Melodic Rock releases this year.

Yes, somehow I started this review backwards.

Occurs that Dennis ‘Fergie’ Frederiksen is – and always will be – one of the best singers in the genre, and I hope with “Happiness Is The Road” he finally gets the acknowledgement he really deserves.

This CD not only includes the best (yes, the best) crafted songs in many years, it’s also a triumph of a man against adversity.

Fergie was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer last year. However, the man found energy and courage to continue working on his solo album while decided to seek alternative cures for his disease.

About one year later, this summer, Frederiksen had two great things to share with the World: the positive results to the cures he was under (with the cancer now being defeated) and the completion of “Happiness Is The Road”.

“Happiness Is The Road” is a story of love and passion to tell, and of course, of so many great songs.

This is simply a sensational classy ’80s Melodic Rock compendium, close to perfection.

You have terrific arena rockers such as the energetic “Angel (Mirror To Your Soul)”, “The One”, or the grandiose scorcher “The Savior”.

The pompous mid-tempo essentials are covered with “Follow Your Heart”, “Lyin’ Eyes”, and “Writing On The Wall”, all full of bombastic synths, punchy riffs and amazing vocals.

Fergie has it all; there’s also some subtle Westcoast scent on “I Still Believe In Love”.

The title track (with Survivor influences) co-written with Jim Peterik, give us all something very special, with a positive uplifting vibe.

And you have the ballads. But not your typical tearjerkers. Frederiksen writes songs that tug your heartstrings. The piano-led “Follow Your Heart” is simply outstanding.

No conclusion this time. Just go and buy it.


01 – Angel (Mirror To Your Soul)

02 – Elaine

03 – First To Cry

04 – Follow Your Heart

05 – Happiness Is The Road

06 – I Still Believe In Love

07 – Lyin’ Eyes

08 – Love Waits For No One

09 – Writing On The Wall

10 – The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

11 – The One

12 – The Savior

Fergie Frederiksen – Vocals

Dennis Ward – Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Background Vocals

Nathan Eshman – Guitars

Eric Ragno – Keyboards

Dirk Bruinenberg – Drums



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