PARADISE INC. – Time (2011)

PARADISE INC. - Time (2011)


“Time” is the full length debut album by Brazilian melodic hard rock / AOR group PARADISE INC. The band’s core comprises Brazilian musicians, but their frontman is German Carsten Schulz, most known for his work with Evidence One, Midnight Club and Domain.

Music wise “Time” is quality Melodic Hard Rock with many AOR – rock touches built on the high standards of German and classy Euro style, with a polished and melodic sound.
Fans of Jaded Heart, Frontline, Midnight Club and Shylock are expected to make the most of this stellar, if not totally original album.
The start of the album is really strong with the title track “Time (Live and Learn)”, the best tune of the CD, featuring superb hooklines and a catchy chorus. With this song the bar is set high and the band rise to the challenge to continuously deliver song after song.
“Close Your Eyes” is a great rocker with a good riff/chorus, a song that sounds like a mix of Frontline and H.E.A.T.

“Who’s Fooling Who?” with its commercially toned approach confirms the quality of what’s on offer here, a pure mid tempo AOR melody that makes me think of Heartland. Great harmonic vocal passages that, no matter how hard you try not to, you simply can’t avoid your foot tapping along with the track.
The power ballad “I Will Wait” has an uplifting stadium-feel, featuring soaring vocals and nice keyboards in the background. It could have been taken from a Casanova album for sure.
Another composition effectively standing out is “No More Mistakes”, clearly the most climactic moment on the Paradise Inc.’s debut. “You” intertwines piano, heavy guitar and great backing vocals that all combine to make up a not too shabby tune.
There’s some hard rock overtones on the guitar driven “Wait And See”, whilst “Set Me Free” is a good melodic rocker with crunchy guitars and a nice harmonic chorus.
Doogie White (Rainbow) is guesting on “Not In Paradise” and sings his heart out supported by powerful backing vocals.
We have two versions of the classy sounding “Steel Or Stone”, one being radio friendly in approach, and the other, as bonus track, with acoustics added to the mix.

It is unlikely that any fan of European Melodic Hard Rock / AOR would be anything less than pleased with “Time”.
Paradise Inc. has delivered a solid debut, with a songwriting inspired in the classic 80’s and a sound based around melodic yet sometimes crunchy guitars, nice keyboard fills and catchy hooklines.
The production is good and clear, courtesy of Scottish Paul Logue (Edens Curse), and the precise mastering was done by the omnipresent Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69) with a fine result.
“Time” is a really consistently good album, that needs to be checked out by any serious Melodic Hard Rock / rockin’ AOR fan.

1 – Time (Live And Learn)
2 – Close Your Eyes
3 – Who’s Fooling Who
4 – I Will Wait
5 – Wait And See
6 – No More Mistakes
7 – You
8 – Set Me Free
9 – Steel Or Stone
10 – Not In Paradise [feat. Doogie White]
11 – Steel Or Stone (Acoustic Version, European bonus)

Marcos Peres – Guitars
De Grigo – Guitars
Rick A. – Bass
Allan Juliano – Drums
Carsten Schulz – Vocals
Alessando Del Vecchio – Keyboards


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