UNISONIC – Ignition [Mini Album] (2012)

UNISONIC - Ignition [Mini Album] (2012)

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Definitively one of my favorite metal bands of the ’80s was Helloween, fronted by awesome vocalist Michael Kiske. After 23 years, Kiske is joining forces again with Helloween co-founder Kai Hansen for a new project: UNISONIC.

This is some kind of a dreamy super-group; together with mighty Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou of Pink Cream 69 and Mandy Meyer (known for his work with Asia, Gotthard and Krokus), they will be releasing an album in April.
“Ignition, Mini Album” is a fiery appetizer of the full CD, including 2 tracks exclusive to this maxi-single.

The main single “Unisonic” blasts out of your speakers at a break neck pace. This track has a strong melodic hook line and a skillfully constructed bridge / chorus. The ferocious rhythm guitar nails down the pounding drums as Mandy Meyer’s lead licks scream. For a band that consists of so many veterans to the German music scene, it’s refreshing to still hear the early ’80s hard rock and metal influences seeping through.
“My Sanctuary” has a more melodic hard rock approach in the vein of Kiske/Ward’s Melodic Hard Rock past project Place Vendome. Here Kiske finds more space to shine and spread his vocal abilities. He still sounds as vibrant as ever, even if he can’t hit some of the absurd notes he used to in the Helloween days.
“Souls Alive” finds an affinity with early ’90s Gamma Ray, as the last third of the song bobs along on a bouncy bass line and tinkling piano. For a demo, it’s wonderfully produced (thanks to masterful job of Dennis Ward on the production desk).
Finally, there is a live version of “I Want Out”, one of greatest songs that Kiske and Hansen have created together in Helloween, an eighties classic.

Simply; if you like high quality melodic metal, superbly played and produced by seasoned top musicians in the genre, you can’t miss Unisonic.
I can’t wait for the full-length album.

1 – Unisonic
2 – My Sanctuary
3 – Souls Alive (Demo Version)
4 – I Want Out (Live At Loud Park Festival 2011)

Vocals: Michael Kiske
Guitars: Kai Hansen, Mandy Meyer
Bass: Dennis Ward
Drums: Kosta Zafiriou


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