CRAAFT – Second Honeymoon [remastered +3] (2012)

CRAAFT - Second Honeymoon [remastered +3] (2012) yesterrock


“Second Honeymoon” (or just ‘Craaft’ in the US) was the second album from German rockers CRAAFT, released originally in the endearing period of classic Melodic Rock / AOR back in the ’80s.
2012 sees the band reanimated thanks to the Yesterrock label with “Second Honeymoon” re-released with a remastered sound and an additional trio of demo bonus tracks.

“Second Honeymoon” is a killer album from start to finish.
Kicks off in a rather typical melodic fashion, the type of thing that’s expected from an album from the aforementioned golden years, with greatr vocal passages amidst the chugging guitars and keyboards on ‘Run Away’.
This new expanded version of ‘Second Honeymoon’ is brought right up to date though with the benefit of the remastering, with tunes like “Twisted Up All Inside” and “Chance Of Your Life” all shining through in the modern day.

The big ballad “Jane” should have sold million copies, as it is the typical big chorus type of tune that has become so essential for commercial purposes.
The rockin’ sounds return with the guitar driven “Gimme What You Got” which evolves into an anthemic song with it’s catchy chorus and of course the obligatory keyboards, which in some ways is THE main element for any harmonic Euro-AOR offering.
This parp attack also introduces “Running On Love”, a bouncy kinda foot stomper of a track, and the Craaft guys are even including some heavy-funk stuff that played such a large part in rock during the MTV glory days on “Hey Babe”

We have another chugging hooky tune in the form of “Illusions” and then it’s time for the well crafted piano ballad “Don’t You Know What Love Can Be” with a very nice  choral progression.
“Are You Ready To Rock” meanwhile is another big sounding singalong song, and just as “Right To Your Heart” seems to be slipping into that album filler slot, these guys pull yet another infectious hooky chorus out of the bag.
The catchy and cleverly mixed “Don’t Stop To Rock” offers once again more great harmonies and arrangements, whilst the awesome midtempo AOR of “Something For Nothing” ends the original album in great form.

This re-issue comes with the 1987 demos “Long, Long Time”, “Break Away” and “Take It Easy”, all great additions to this album with their melodic euro-rock overtones and making this whole package something of a hidden gem of the oft overcrowded ’80s Melodic Rock / AOR scene.

Along with Bonfire’s ‘Fireworks’, in my humble opinion, CRAAFT’s “Second Honeymoon” is the best Melodic Hard Rock / AOR album to come out of Germany during the ’80s.
If you like your melodic rock to be solidly built with catchy choruses and damn good playing then you will love this CD. You have great hooks, big choruses, tons of synths, sharp guitars and those grandiose compressed drums.
A Must Have album for any ’80s Melodic Rock / AOR fan.

You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrockz

01 – Run Away

02 – Twisted Up All Inside

03 – Chance Of Your Life

04 – Jane

05 – Gimme What You Got

06 – Running On Love

07 – Hey Babe

08 – Illusions

09 – Don’t You Know What Love Can Be

10 – Are You Ready To Rock

11 – Right To Your Heart

12 – Don’t Stop To Rock

13 – Something For Nothing


14 – Long, Long Time [demo 1987]

15 – Break Away [demo 1987]

16 – Take It Easy [demo 1987]

Klaus Luley – lead vocals, guitar, bass

Franz Keil – keyboards, backing vocals

Marcus Schleicher – guitars, backing vocals

Thommy Schneider – drums, percussion


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