BRIAN SPENCE – Revisited [The Best of Brian Spence Remastered] (2016) + Rarities 0dayrox extras

BRIAN SPENCE - Revisited [The Best of Brian Spence Remastered] (2016) + Rarities 0dayrox extras full

As requested here’s all the ’80s material from British solo artist BRIAN SPENCE. He released two album, the pretty awesome 1986’s ‘Brothers’, and 1988’s ‘Reputation’. Both highly regarded albums by Lite AOR fans, musically some kind of mix between Bryan Adams, Tom Kimmel, Andy Qunta and Glen Burtnick, include great tunes like ‘Hear It From The Heart’, ‘Love Is The Glory’, ‘Reputation’, ‘When It Hurts’, ‘Back Door’, etc.
Not so long ago it was silently released this “Revisited [The Best of Brian Spence]” compiling both albums digitally remastered plus a previously unreleased song.
0dayrox always give you more, and as extra we added all the rare single B-sides from both albums, a rare as well movie soundtrack contribution, and Spence last single from 1990. This is all the complete BRIAN SPENCE material from the Eighties.
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01 – Hear It From The Heart
02 – Reputation
03 – Come Back Home
04 – Without Your Love
05 – Will You Ever Be My Friend
06 – Breaking Every Stone
07 – Ghandi
08 – Brothers
09 – Your Love Is The Glory
10 – See The Boy
11 – Sliding Down
12 – You Got The Whip
13 – Back Door
14 – Wondering How To Cry
15 – I Will Call You Family
16 – My Arms Are Strong
17 – When It Hurts
18 – I Still Don’t Know (Previously Unreleased)
19 – Making Up For Lost Time
20 – There You Go
21 – Will She Be Home Again
22 – Hand In Hand

0dayrox extras:
23 – City Of Shadows (from the movie P.I. Private Investigations)
24 – When She Runs (Without Your Love single B-side)
25 – Hear It From The Heart (12” Extended Version)
26 – Get Up, Get Out (Brothers single B-side)
27 – Travellin’ Man (Radio Edit Single)



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