TWENTY TWENTY – Altered [Digitally Remastered / First Time On CD] (2020)

TWENTY TWENTY - Altered [Digitally Remastered / First Time On CD] (2020) full

Alongside its self-titled debut, the second album from TWENTY TWENTY, “Altered“, has been remastered from the master tapes and released for the first time on CD.
Two yeas after their critically acclaimed debut, the band changed their name to 20/Twenty and slightly their sound as well. “Altered”, appeared in 1987, delivered a more straight AOR style and ‘regular’ instrumentation.

Again produced by Billy Smiley, almost the complete White Heart line up also play here as guests. The style on this second album are more mature with many tracks bringing to my mind Jay Graydon’s Planet 3, Allies, Geoff Moore, etc, that say a mix of poppy AOR with delicate melodies and a touch of West Coast.
The Hi-Tech from the debut is still present in a couple of tracks as well as the synth effects, but mostly this second album is a smooth and classic ’87 AOR affair.

Only released on LP and long time deleted, both Twenty Twenty – 20/Twenty albums were really hard to find, the second even few months after its original release back in 1987.
Classic 1986-87 AOR with the pristine American production from the era. And these remasters made wonders.
Highly Recommended


01 – Fine Line
02 – Get Altered
03 – Can’t Run From You
04 – For Heaven’s Sake
05 – Eternity in Every Heart
06 – Hold Your Head Up
07 – Caught Up in Heaven
08 – Find Your Way Back
09 – Material Things
10 – The Tears You’ve Cried

Lead Vocals – Ron Collins
Guitar – Roscoe Meek
Keyboards – Earnie Chaney
Bass Guitar – Gerry McAnelly
Drums – Greg Herrington
Keyboards, Backing Vocals – Mark Gersmehl, John Slick, Billy Smiley



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