ENUFF Z’NUFF – Greatest Hits [remastered] (2019)

ENUFF Z'NUFF - Greatest Hits [remastered] (2019) full

Like a bad Taco Bell burrito, or a cockroach at the world’s end, ENUFF Z’NUFF are still lingering around more than 30 years after their inception. Love them or hate them, they have kept generating album after album since their debut release and accompanying hit single ‘Fly High Michelle’ back in 1989 — and in spite of the band’s inner turmoil over the years, they have soldiered on.
Cleopatra / Dead Line are now releasing this “Enuff Z’Nuff Greatest Hits”, including all the band’s best songs in a remastered sound.

In this set we find the milestones of Enuff Z’Nuff vast musical career such as “New Thing”, “Freak”, “Mother’s Eyes”, “There Goes My Heart” (one of my favorites) and of course “Fly High Michelle.
There’s many rock stars appearing as guest on some of these tunes, like Kim Bullard (Mike Tramp, Stan Bush, Fiona, Eddie Money), Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins), Spike (London Quireboys), and James Young (Styx).

Even Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick) contributes his guitars in “Freak”, not strange as the connection between both bands is evident. I always found Enuff Z’Nuff as a mixt between Cheap Trick power pop catchiness, Beatles timeless melodies, and Faster Pussyycat & Poison glam / hair metal.

ENUFF Z'NUFF - Greatest Hits [remastered] (2019) back

“Enuff Z’Nuff Greatest Hits” is the perfect start to discover Enuff Z’Nuff’s music, and a great purchase for those looking for some of the band’s best songs into one single CD, all remastered.
Highly Recommended

01 – New Thing
02 – Fly High Michelle
03 – Baby Loves You
04 – Mother’s Eyes
05 – Wheels
06 – One Step Closer
07 – Freak
08 – There Goes My Heart
09 – Believe In Love
10 – Taken A Ride
11 – Everything Works If You Let It
12 – My Heroin
13 – Time To Let You Go
14 – Gorgeous

Donnie Vie – lead vocals, piano, guitar
Chip Z’Nuff – bass, guitar
Derek Frigo – guitar
Vikki Fox, Ricky Parent – drums
Greg Errico – drums, percussion
Johnny Monaco – guitar
Norton Buffalo – harmonica, percussion
Kim Bullard – keyboards, piano
Johnny Frigo – violin
Spike – background vocals
James Young – guitar
Billy Corgan – guitar
Rick Nielsen – guitar


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