SANTANA – Shape Shifter (2012)

SANTANA - Shape Shifter (2012)


SANTANA is the musical maverick that crafted classic albums like ‘Abraxas’; he sonically shaped chart-topping hits like ‘Black Magic Woman’ along with ‘Oye Como Va’, and influenced three generations of musicians around the globe.

After selling over 100 million albums, winning ten Grammy’s, and scoring a top ten single every decade since the 60’s, Carlos Santana remains respected as one of the most renowned guitarists in the world.

“Shape Shifter” is the first album to be released on his new record label Starfaith Records as he continues to blaze a musical trail that’s entirely his own.

“Shape Shifter” is Carlos Santana’s 36th album, a 13-song tour de force featuring tracks composed since 1990’s to the present, that have been stashed away for such an instrumental project.

The CD draws many influences and musical routes, placing a large focus on atmosphere, ambience and exploring sonic landscapes rather than chasing after hit singles, which provides ample opportunity to let Santana’s musical abilities shine.

Once again Santana teams up with all-star drum prodigy Dennis Chambers, who continues to understand the constantly shifting dynamics within each track to lend its own individual audio personality.

This a ‘truly Santana’ album. In example, the avalanche of sound-waves on “Nomad” serves the title of the tune appropriately and contains all the signature elements of a Santana song, including melodious guitar solos, barreling percussive beats and tender keyboard passages.

Overall, the album proves to be one of Santana’s most ambitious efforts among his modern albums since the release of his hit record ‘Supernatural’.

Whenever Santana releases a new album, regardless of how defiantly unique it may be in the garden of sounds contained within his catalogue, it’s continually impressive to hear him bloom as a musician.

“Shape Shifter” also provides Santana with the opportunity to place a strong focus on the band itself since a long time. With each track selected and sequenced by Carlos, this is a journey through soaring Santana leads and driving beats to the beautifully crafted melodies that have made Santana a household name.

Consistent throughout the project is the world-class musicianship of his bandmates, who bring vitality and heart to every note. Band members include Benny Rietveld, Dennis Chambers, Raul Rekow, Karl Perazzo, Tony Lindsay, Andy Vargas along with Chester Thompson and special guest Salvador Santana.

After hearing the sonic diversity of the tracks on his latest release, the tour for “Shape Shifter” should be no exception to his previous efforts.

Great stuff.

01 – Shape Shifter

02 – Dom

03 – Nomad

04 – Metatron

05 – Angelica Faith

06 – Never the Same Again

07 – In the Light of a New Day

08 – Spark of the Divine

09 – Macumba in Budapest

10 – Mr. Szabo

11 – Eres La Luz

12 – Canela

13 – Ah, Sweet Dancer

Carlos Santana – Guitars

Benny Rietveld

Dennis Chambers – Drums

Raul Rekow, Karl Perazzo – Percussion

Tony Lindsay – Vocals

Andy Vargas – Vocals

Chester Thompson – Keyboards


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