WILD FRONTIER – 2012 (2012)

WILD FRONTIER - 2012 (2012)


Half a decade has passed since Germans WILD FRONTIER released their last CD. Many things changed in the world, but what has not changed in those five years is the sound of Wild Frontier.

Catchy Melodic Hard Rock is what they were playing back then… catchy melodic hard rock is what they’re playing today on their new album “2012”.

Wild Frontier’s style is in the Bonfire vein, with some Def Leppard (mainly in the layered harmonies) and Scorpions sprinkled into the mix. They are a pure blood Melodic Hard Rock band in the classic style. They have zero tolerance for current fads, no interest in crossbreeding with other genres.

Their guitars are just edgy enough to earn them the ‘hard’ tag, the keys are subtle but effective, and the cool hooks and slicker choruses elevate this new album from a solid effort into a very good one.

Someone could argue the songwriting is simplistic at times, but this is exactly the focus of this band; fun and easy listeneable rockers with addictive melodies and alluring refrains, not on impressing anyone with complexity. There are thousands of prog-rock and metal bands out there more than willing to wow you with technical wizardry; Wild Frontier just want you to tap your foot, bang your head, and sing along.

The album is engineered exactly as it needs to be, each element allowed room to breathe; everything sounds open and airy. Wild Frontier are aiming for crisp and clean, not crushing and crunchy.

But that hardly means these guys are lightweights. For proof, look no further than “Stay Tough”, an ’80s-style anthem that sports the kind of fist-pumping power you expected from a band like Keel or Black ‘N Blue back in the day.

More evidence can be found in “Long Gone,” a full-throttle rocker punched up with gang vocal ‘whoas’, ripping guitars and a chopping, rapid-fire rhythm.

When they get going, such as on the blistering “It’s All Over Now” or the extremely melodic “Another Lonely Day Without You”, Wild Frontier can hold their own with the best Melodic Hard Rock acts in Europe.

Heck, the band even pulls off a miracle by making ABBA sound hard with a rocking cover of “Gimme Gimme Gimme”.

On “2012”, Wild Frontier certainly deliver the goods if you like fun and catchy European Melodic Hard Rock. Take bits of classic Bonfire and Scorpions and mix liberally with the likes of Shylock, Khymera or Human Zoo and you get the picture.

Produced by themselves but supervised by guru Bob Jensen, the album sounds vital and energetic, with some synth / electronics added to the sound, specially in the intro of each song.

This year has already been a banner in Melodic Hard Rock and it just keeps getting better. In one song of this CD, Wild Frontier pose the plaintive question; “Why are the good things too hard to find?”

Well, if the ‘good thing’ they are referring to is a simple, catchy, high-quality Melodic Hard Rock album, then it’s not too hard to find: it’s right here.

1. 2012

2. To the End of the World

3. It’s All Over Now

4. Another Lonely Day Without You

5. Why Don’t You Save Me

6. Stay Tough

7. Favorite

8. It’s All Up To You

9. Tonight Tonight Tonight

10. Can’t You Hear Me Calling

11. Long Gone

12. Why are the Good Things Too Hard to Find

13. Gimme Gimme Gimme (ABBA cover) [bonus]

Jens Walkenhorst– Lead Vocals / Guitar

Mario Erdmann – Bass / BackingVocals

Thomas Ellenberger – Keyboards / Backing Vocals

Sascha Fahrenbach– Drums / Guitar

Nico Fahrenbach – Drums

Produced by Bob Jensen



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