BLINDSTONE – Greetings From The Karma Factory (2012)

BLINDSTONE - Greetings From The Karma Factory (2012)


BLINDSTONE is Danish power trio formed around 2002 in Thisted, DK, but they are signed by an American label who has released all their recorded music to date.

“Greetings From The Karma Factory” is the band’s fourth album of original material featuring 11 amazing tracks of powerful, hard-hitting blues based guitar rock that will blow your musical mind and rock n’ roll your soul.

“The Blindstone groove is here to stay”, sings main man Martin J. Andersen, and damn it he’s right.

The band has such and incredible swagger and groove it’s totally infectious. From the first riff to the last, this power trio bursts out one hook after another, one groovy beat after another and one fat riff after another.

The first thing people need to know about this fine band from Denmark is that they have a great guitar player, Martin Andersen. A power riff monster who also plays terrific leads, complemented by a perfect vocal capacity for this style.

Jesper Bunk on bass and Anders Hvidtfeldt on drums provide a very tight rhythm section that makes this band one of the very best power rock trios out there these days.

From the killer opening riff-beast “Rock Your Mojo” to the phenomenal last tour de force track “Ocean Of Time” (an epic 10 minute instrumental of monumental heavy rock proportions), this album will rock your socks off.

It is difficult to point standout tracks as all are solid, rockin’ and groovy.

You have uptempo guitar driven songs as the aforementioned “Rock Your Mojo”, “Free”, the awesome Hendrix-esque “Catch Me If You Can” or the melodic “Trying”, perhaps the most complete track on the whole CD.

There’s more relaxed, whisky-soaked tunes in “Struck Down By The Blues”, “Karma” (which is an old Journey tune, pre-Steve Perry, and the only cover tune on the album), and also space for a great ballad in “What Your Lovin’ Can Do”.

“Greetings From The Karma Factory” is a great Classic Rock, Hard Blues infused recording full of fire.

This album bursts on like an old steady locomotive, breaking down any barrier, kicking out the jams and mows all over any modern silly pop garbage. This is the blues meets hard rock in it’s purest form and shape, guitar driven Classic Rock as it should be. One would hardly believe that only three men can make such amount of vibrant music.

Production is really good, crispy and brilliant, with all the instruments coming out of the speakers fat and sweaty.

Blindstone is a great band that has successfully captured the essence of true Rock. If you like Hendrix, Black Country Communion, Molly Hatchet, Stevie Ray Vaughan, etc, don’t miss these guys.


BLINDSTONE - Greetings From The Karma Factory (2012) back cover

Martin J. Andersen – Vocals, Guitars

Jesper Bunk – Bass

Anders Hvidtfeldt – Drums, Percussion


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