KNIGHT FURY – Time To Rock (2012)

KNIGHT FURY - Time To Rock (2012)


KNIGHT FURY was put together by none other that guitarist Chris Sanders from Lizzy Borden about two years ago. The remaining line-up is top notch, featuring Megadeth’s bass player Dave Ellefson, drummer Ken Mary of Alice Cooper / House of Lords / Robin Beck fame and vocalist William King.

Their first album “Time To Rock” was released privately last year, but now they have made a deal with AOR / Metal Heaven to be published on CD. The whole thing has been mastered again for this official release.

Knight Fury comprises a very juicy line-up indeed and the perfect combination of experience, skill and raw hunger. The band don’t try and take their music to a new level or anything like that, instead they opt for a very dedicated hard rock / metal hybrid that takes a little from the melodic side of things for good measure.

The experience of the members involved in this band shines through in every aspect of “Time To Rock”, and as musician you don’t just get a great feel like this unless you really know what you’re doing.

There’s an interesting element here in the fact that vocalist William King is probably not the typical sort of guy you would usually expect to front this sort of outfit.

He has an almost Vince Neil quality about him at times and occasionally even brings out a voice that would usually be more associated with AOR or melodic rock music, but he can still reach true power when he wants to. In fact, this slightly different vocal approach really adds an interesting and different color to this style of music.

The rhythm section is as good as you would expect when you get two guys of the caliber of Ellefson and Mary together.

Anyway, where the album truly shines though is in the outstanding guitar work of Chris Sanders, who is quickly becoming one of today’s most exciting metal stringers. Sanders tone and guitar phrasing really does remind you of the late Randy Rhoads, and as a hard rock guitarist that would have to be one of the biggest compliments you could receive.

The riffs all have that sharp mid-eighties metal feel to them and the lead breaks are virtuoistic at every turn.

Songs like the opener “Nothing Left”, “Endless” and the title track “Time to Rock” are straight to the point, old school, ’80s US catchy melodic metal cuts that should satisfy just about any fan of guitar heroes, vibrato based vocals and pounding rhythm section.

“Forbidden” and “Out On Your Own” goes for a more hard rock orientation, while “Believe” is even melodic rock, with a harmonious delivery.

“Time To Rock” is a killer rockin’ CD as its title promises

Musically Knight Fury is commercial ’80s melodic metal which often extends to neighboring territories such as traditional melodic hard rock.

It is a fairly versatile record and it is key to note that “Time To Rock” never gets too heavy – on the contrary – it is all melody driven, up tempo rock music featuring catchy hooks, harmonious riffs and as few keyboard parts as possible.

If you yearn for the days when six-string technical ability ala Randy Rhoads, great songwriting and skillful vocals were just as important as image, then this new Knight Fury project certainly offers up more than a tasty platter.

I listened a copy (digital only) of their last year self release, and let me tell you this new mastering sounds much, much better. The album will be pressed on vinyl as well by the specialized German label Pure Steel Records.

Quite Recommended.

01 – Nothing Left

02 – Attack

03 – Forbidden

04 – Battle For The Castle

05 – Awaken

06 – The Message

07 – Endless Night

08 – Out On Your Own

09 – Believe

10 – Time To Rock

William King – Vocals

Chris Sanders – Guitars

Dave Ellefson – Bass

Ken Mary – Drums

Adam Emmons – Keyboards


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