DEF LEPPARD – Rock Of Ages / Pour… 2012 versions (2012)

Rock Of Ages / Pour... 2012 versions


DEF LEPPARD are so classic that a new film starring Tom Cruise is bearing the name of one of their ’80s anthems.

Hitting the big screen on June 15, Rock Of Ages is a classic love story told with backdrop of the ’80s Sunset Strip hair metal scene and the music that fueled it.

To help celebrate the highly anticipated blockbuster that shares its name with one of their biggest hit single, Def Leppard have recorded new versions of “Rock Of Ages” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” which are also be available on the two major digital music carriers.

This marks the first time in Def Leppard’s legendary history that studio versions of their tracks will be available digitally.

Amazon is selling the tracks individually with new artwork for each, while iTunes sells both as a pack with a unique art.

Mmm… I’m not sure that the band has put these out ‘To help celebrate the highly anticipated blockbuster’… it’s more to capitalise the movie’s buzz and promote the band’s US summer tour.

Anyway, both new 2012 versions sound fine.

Surely some multi-track from the original recording sessions were used here, mainly Joe Elliot’s vocals. But the guitar parts are new, and the whole thing has been remixed.

“Pour Some Sugar On Me 2012” sounds pretty much the same, altough with new driving guitars, and the intro is gone.

“Rock Of Ages 2012” is the more interesting. This classic has received an updated, modern melodic rock sound. Let’s say, more ‘clean’, as in the ‘Adrenalize’ era. Cool indeed.

This is the only ‘new’ material from the band to see light this year, so seize the moment.

01 – Pour Some Sugar On Me (2012 Re-Recorded Version)

02 – Rock Of Ages (2012 Re-Recorded Version)


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