LYNCH MOB – Sound Mountain Sessions (2012)

LYNCH MOB - Sound Mountain Sessions (2012))


After three years since their good comeback, LYNCH MOB – George Lynch’s band – have locked themselves into Sound Mountain Studios in California to track down new material.

The EP entitled “Sound Mountain Sessions” has been recorded in the traditional ‘old school’ way and these 4 songs easily rivals their previous work from the early years.

With the addition to the line-up of bassist Robbie Crane who brings solid grooves and melodic backing vocals to each track (a little known fact: Robbie was actually the very first bass player of Lynch Mob) and the excellent Brian Tichy (Whitesnake) hitting the drums, the band rocks better than never.

Seems singer Oni Logan troubles with alcohol are things of the past, as he sounds fresh and powerful, and Lynch’s playing is focused and clean as in his better moments.

This 4-track EP is a truly good return to that same ‘Wicked Sensation’ vibe, and it has a very similar classic groovy hard rock “Mob” feel to it.

Take for sure that “Sound Mountain Sessions” will fit very nicely into any Dokken / Lynch Mob fan’s collection.

Very, Very Good.

01 – Slow Drag

02 – World of Chance

03 – City of Freedom

04 – Sucka

Oni Logan – Vocals

George Lynch – Guitars

Robbie Crane – Bass, Backing Vocals

Brian Titchy – Drums


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