LOVEBITE – Lock ‘N’ Load (2012)

LOVEBITE - Lock 'N' Load (2012)


According to the press release, LOVEBITE from Birmingham, is destined to be one of the hottest glam-metal bands to arrive on the UK scene.

Well, taking a look at their outlandish appearance and striking visual presence we agree with the glam tag, but musically, their blazing debut CD “Lock ‘N’ Load” is much more than your ordinary glam music.

Indeed, Lovebite’s music is ’80s Melodic Hard Rock influenced, not only in style / songwriting, but also sonically. The guitars are loud and we have gang vocals all over, all wrapped with an intense and dynamic rhythm section, complete with cowbell and all.

Hints of dirty American bands as Motley Crue or L.A Guns are obvious, but also more melodic and polished sounds such as Firehouse and Danger Danger.

Take as example the solid “Breakin’ The Rules”, that seems coming out of Firehouse’s debut in the way its composed and arranged.

The album begins with the intro “No Turning Back” featuring thunderclaps and police sirens as it morphs into the fist pumping rocker “Sin City”. Lead vocalist Jonny Sparks sounds like a cross between a young Vince Neil (when he could still sing) and a wasted Mike Tramp. His shrill and effortless high pitched range easily carries the songs while the rest of the band backs him up with frequent gang vocals.

More high-octane heavy rockers are heard in “Love/Hate” (Skid Row-like), “Queen Of Hearts” and “Gonna Love You Anyway”, all driving by hot riffage and punding drums.

“Striptease” turns up the American sleazy full tilt as the band borrows a card from early Motley Crue — this song could have been a follow-up to ‘Too Fast For Love’.

The band confidently ventures into versatility as well with the acoustic-based “Hey Baby” (again ala Firehouse) which could be an arena sing-along anthem.

There’s an unchecked emotion on the melodic hard rock of “Mr.Lonely”, same with the semi-ballad / semi-midtempo “Can’t Fight Your Love”, really melodic and meaty.

“Lock ‘N’ Load” is a pleasant surprise from a band that seems coming from nowhere, as Lovebite was formed not so long ago.

The songs are infectious and catchy as the band seems to focus their songwriting around melodies and guitar hooks backed by a solid rhythm section — something that’s often sorely missed in today’s new rock.

Their lead guitarist (only known as Tryx) also commands attention as he makes his instrument screech, howl, and deliver those grabbing guitar riffs on each track.

If the music industry wakes up and gives a band like Lovebite a shot, rock fans will eat this up.

Rocks Good.

01 – No Turning Back

02 – Sin City

03 – Breakin’ The Rules

04 – Love/Hate

05 – Hey Baby

06 – Gonna Love You Anyway

07 – Lock ‘N’ Load

08 – Queen Of Hearts

09 – Can’t Fight Your Love

10 – Striptease

11 – Mr. Lonely

12 – Too Much Is Never Enough

Jonny Sparks – vocals and rhythm guitar

Tryx – lead guitar and backing vocals

KC Valentine – bass and backing vocals

Mikey Toye – drums


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  1. DEEMON says:

    Reminds me Lita Ford 80´s Era.

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