IMPERA – Legacy Of Life (2012)

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IMPERA was founded by drummer JK Impera (Vinnie Vincent) who has called some impressive stars to fulfill the remaining slots in the band.

No others than the great Matti Alfonzetti on vocals, the mighty Tommy Denander on guitars & keys and bass player Mats Vassfjord (Vinnie Vincent, John Corabi, Grand Design).

The debut CD “Legacy Of Life” will be released next week in Europe.

Impera offers the listener a double whammy of classic hard rock ridden filled hooks with all musicians lending a straight and narrow performance, in a style that bring shades of Joe Lynn Turner solo records but with added punch lines, edgier guitar tones and pounding rhythms.

“Legacy Of Life” kicks things into high gear with “Turn My Heart To Stone” where a blunt chorus leads this tune into a guilty pleasure of melodic proportions.

The ball keeps rolling in the same style with “Shoot Me Down” and “Sunset Rider”, plenty of guitar antics alongside Matti’s excellent pipes stamp down a scorching groove.

A little Whitesnake inspired wails hint with “Tell Me”, while the AORish “Kiss of Death” and “Show Me the Money” go for a more catchy and hook-filled style. “More Than Meets the Eye” is the more riff-guitar oriented track on the CD, where Denander shines delivering a roaring guitar solo.

Another strong chorus is heard in “Break the Law”, whilst “Is This Love” (not a Whitesnake cover) adds some confidently bluesy sounds to the recording.

“Legacy Of Life” is a melodic yet punchy Classic Hard Rock album with a slight look to the Scandinavian style and a relevant glimpse of the American groovy legacy.

The quartet performs in high level as expected. Alfonzetti must be the best vocalist in the genre right now and his job is close to perfection, warm and modulated where needed while he can sound Sunset-Boulevard raised if the songs demand so.

The guitars are the ace on this disc musically driven by Denander, and the support combo Vassfjord & Impera reminds you of how heavyhittin’ Hard Rock shall sound in the bass / drums field without any hesitation.

The combination of all the above leads to an album that shows no traces of innovation but surely guarantees a damn fine listen.

Easily Recommended.

1. Turn My Heart To Stone

2. Kiss Of Death

3. Break The Law

4. Shoot Me Down

5. Sunset Rider

6. Tell me

7. More Than Meets The Eye

8. Is This Love

9. Show Me The Money

10. Dead-End Street

Matti Alfonzetti (vocals)

Tommy Denander (guitar, keyboards)

Mats Vassfjord (bass)

J.K. Impera (drums)


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