Johan Kihlberg’s IMPERA – Spirit Of Alchemy (2021)

Johan Kihlberg's IMPERA - Spirit Of Alchemy (2021) full

Being a drummer of several decades experience, working with other musicians from such noted iconic outfits as Kiss, Thin Lizzy, Motley Crue, Europe and Rainbow, IMPERA is Johan Kihlberg’s own project. A seasoned veteran songwriter as well looking to employ an elite squadron to perform his compositions.
While most of what has come out of this project since its 2011 inception has been of a slightly heavy AOR variety, things have taken a notably metallic turn with the creation of this latest studio LP “Spirit Of Alchemy”.
An ensemble cast of familiar characters from Sweden’s scene has been assembled that includes Nocturnal Rites front man Jonny Lindqvist, Lion’s Share shredder Lars Chriss, John Leven on bass of Europe fame, and the seemingly omnipresent kit man Snowy Shaw himself, among several others.
The result can be best described as a highly polished and hard-hitting product from both a production and performance standpoint. Perhaps IMPERA’s best album to date.


01. Nothing Will Last
02. Read It And Weep
03. All About You
04. When Souls Collide
05. In Heaven
06. What Will Be Will Be
07. Lost Your Life To Rock ‘n’ Roll
08. No
09. Battle

Johan Kihlberg: Mastermind
Lars Chriss (LION’S SHARE): Guitars
Jonny Lindkvist (NOCTURNAL RITES): Vocals
John Leven (EUROPE): Bass
Snowy Shaw (ex-SABATON, KING DIAMOND): Drums
Kay Backlund (LION’S SHARE): Keyboards
Mats Vassfjord (220 VOLT): Bass on “Lost Your Life To Rock ‘n’ Roll”
Pontus Egberg (KING DIAMOND): Bass on “In Heaven”


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