MAXXWELL – Slapshot (2012)

MAXXWELL - Slapshot (2012) mp3 mediafire download


Swiss hard rockers MAXXWELL last studio album ‘All In’ earned a lot of great reviews as did their shows when they supported international acts touring Europe.

Maxxwell recently wrote the official stadium song for German hockeyclub Freiburg, entitled “Slapshot”, so they decided to release it together with 3 new tracks plus some fan favorites recorded live as appetizer of their new album scheduled for 2013.

Maxxwell’s sound and style recalls Gotthard and Shakra, that is Euro guitar driven hard rock with a modern sound.

As you expect, title track “Slapshot” is an anthemic hard rock tune, a very good fist in the air hymn (check the official video below).

The other new tracks are impactful as well, being “Don’t You Bite” marching and melodic, “The Devil Walks With Her” groovy and commercial, and “Live Fast Die Last” as title says, fast & uptempo.

The remaining tracks were taped live in the band’s recent show at the Rock Of Ages Festival. High quality recordings with a polished sound.

Maxxwell perfectly knows how to play riff-oriented hard rock in a modern way: heavy when needed with super fat guitars, but also melodic and catchy.

These guys take care of the production details as well, everything sounds polished and clear, even the live tracks were tweaked a bit in the studio.

“Slapshot” leaves you hungry for more. Is that good.

They are in full form and surely their upcoming new album will be a blast.

01 – Slapshot

02 – Don’t You Bite

03 – The Devil Walks With Her

04 – Live Fast Die Last

05 – Boogey Man (Live At Rock of Ages 2012)

06 – Black Widow (Live At Rock of Ages 2012)

07 – Outlaw (Live At Rock of Ages 2012)

08 – Slapshot (Audience Version)

Nobi Suppiger (Vocals)

Hef Häfliger (Lead Guitars)

Cyril Montavon (Rhythm Guitars)

Kusi Durrer (Bass)

Oli Häller (Drums)


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  1. rallen399 says:

    I've been trying for some time to find their first cd Dogz On Dope but can't find it anywhere.The 2 cd is fantastic so I can't wait to hear this one.Thanks for the post, cool site.

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