SILVER DIRT – Payback Time (2012)

SILVER DIRT - Payback Time (2012)


Switzerland based rockers SILVER DIRT have been in the scene for a while, releasing two albums and touring Europe and specially Japan, where they own a considerable fan base.

After a 2-year break, the band is back with a new line-up and a new CD; ”Payback Time”, produced by the legendary Beau Hill (Ratt, Alice Cooper, Warrant).

Although with a solid reputation in Asia, Silver Dirt is pretty unknown outside central Europe and the rest of the globe, which is a real shame.

Silver Dirt’s style takes you back to another decade bursting out with sounds that recall Electric Angels meets Danish D-A-D with some early Aerosmith (not in sound, just style) with a cool retro vibe. They must be the only Swiss rock act not trying to imitate Gotthard.

The band’s previous albums were glammy oriented (read Hanoi Rocks and alikes), but this time Silver Dirt has leaded into a more melodic rock style, classic riff based. Grand part of this change resides in new singer Steff Perrone swaggering vocal inflections.

The album opens with rocker “The Stand”, uptempo ‘n catchy, driven by a deep bass and a steady beat, with guitars interjecting occasionally stabs turning the song really rhythmic.

Next “Spread Your Wings” has some Cheap Trick melodies on a remakable refrain, “Spinning The Wheel” is mounted over a great riff inspired in Whitesnake’s ‘Ready & Willing’ (great track), while the midtempo “Place In The Sun” is sweet and commercial, another good one.

More classic riffs can be hard on the groovy ZZ Top inspired “Here They Come”, though sonically has the swagger of the aforementioned Electric Angels.

One of my favs is the melodic rocker “Beautiful Day” which shines like a summer morning, and later the bluesy “No More” features a fantastic guitar work both in the rhythm and the solo.

As you have read, ‘rhythm’ was a term repeatedly used in this review, and this is exactly what “Payback Time” is: a stupendous rhythmically driven rock album.

A good set of songs, accompanied by a cool singer, a clever guitarist and a notably assembled bass & drum section makes Silver Dirt one of the most refreshing bands heard recently.

The shiny production by maestro Beau Hill helps remarkably to spark these feel-good tunes so well arranged and performed.

Silver Dirt are truly good in their game and this album is by far their best, benefited by the new melodic direction chosen by the band.

A totally pleasant listen.


01 – The Stand

02 – Spread Your Wings

03 – Spinning The Wheel

04 – Place In The Sun

05 – Here They Come

06 – Never Give Up

07 – Beautiful Day

08 – R.I.P. (The Earth)

09 – No More

10 – Mata Kuru Ze

11 – Beautiful Day (Slide Version) [Bonus Track]

Steff Perrone – Vocals

Chris Savourey – Guitars

Stéfano ”Béorn” Ongarello – Bass

V.G Richardson – Drums


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