X-UFO – Busted + Vol 1. The Live Files (2012)

X-UFO - Busted + Vol 1. The Live Files (2012) mp3 download


What do you get when you take former members of UFO and MSG and throw them in a blender? Well, they call themselves X-UFO.

Self-described as an ‘alternate version of UFO’, three quarters of the band played and recorded in UFO albums in the past, while ex MSG bassist Rocky Newton completes the lineup.

The quartet’s first release and presentation as X-UFO is none other than a live recording of its 14-song set entitled “The Live Files”.

X-UFO consists of: Danny Peyronel (UFO -1975-76) vocals/keyboards, Laurence Archer (UFO – 1992-94) guitar, Clive Edwards (UFO – 1992-94) drums, and Rocky Newton (MSG – 1984-91) on bass.

Peyronel did play a role influencing the future direction of UFO in its origins by being the band’s first staff keyboardist and also co-writing & singing in the seminal ‘No Heavy Petting’ release.

Recorded last year over a couple of European Festivals, “The Live Files”

indicates that X-UFO is not a tribute band, just introduces the group into the rock scene with a live set taken from albums the band members played on and genuine UFO classics.

In addition to the well known UFO songs such as “Lights Out,” “Doctor Doctor,” and “Rock Bottom,” this CD also contains many songs that were either recorded and/or co-written by these musicians during their time in UFO.

Most noteworthy are the tracks “Natural Thing,” “Highway Lady,” and “Can You Roll Her,” all of which are from the ‘No Heavy Petting’ album.

“Back Door Man”, “Love Deadly Love” and “She’s The One” showcase Laurence and Clive’s contribution to UFO history from the ‘High Stakes & Dangerous Men’ album.

Although Peyronel’s contribution to the history of UFO is the greatest of the four band members in this new band – and he does a good job as the X-UFO frontman – it is guitarist Laurence Archer who is the true star in this recording.

Archer only was with UFO for very short period of time, he along with drummer Clive Edwards played on the quickly forgotten album ‘High Stakes & Dangerous Men’ release. But he is a great, overlooked guitar hero.

Archer shreds with style and class, and might even be the best guitarist, besides Michael Schenker, to have ever played in UFO.

His solos are flawless, and his memorizing melodic fluid style flies during this set. “Rock Bottom” is a particular highlight with Laurence managing to stick to the structure of the original solo whilst still showing his own style but avoiding the lengthy meandering that Schenker has brought to the song.

“Doctor Doctor” too incorporates a solo from Archer that may not be original, but in no way detracts from the unmistakable riff.

X-UFO was formed with the intention of writing and releasing original music, but they have chosen as presentation card this set of songs from their previous band. And what the hell, they deserve the right to be able to celebrate their time in UFO.

In “The Live Files”, producer Steve Mann (ex MSG, by the way) gives a clear, crisp production to the album and whilst this is no ‘Strangers In The Night’, if you like your UFO played loud and clear, stripped down to a single stupendous guitar, there’s no doubting the quality in here.

Many will dismiss this album thinking: ‘former band members trying to cash in on their past, with the UFO name on a high at the moment’. Wrong. Forget any preconceptions, any misgivings as to the motives behind the band and enjoy it for what it is.

To be honest, X-UFO sounds dozen times better than the current UFO incarnation…

The legitimacy of X-UFO as a band with new original material will come later in the year with the album in the making right now. One single has already surfaced on iTunes: “Busted”, a really good, catchy and hot hard rocker (included here).


X-UFO - Busted new single 2012

00 – Busted (new studio track 2012)

01 – Intro; Let It Roll

02 – Natural Thing

03 – Highway Lady

04 – Backdoor Man

05 – Can You Roll Her

06 – Love Deadly Love

07 – Armed And Ready

08 – She’s The One

09 – Love To Love

10 – Only You Can Rock Me

11 – Rock Bottom

12 – Encore 1; Lights Out

13 – Encore 2; Doctor Doctor

Danny Peyronel – vocals, guitar, keys

Laurence Archer – guitars, vocals

Rocky Newton – bass

Clive Edwards – drums



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