GLASS DELIRIUM – Diamond Lullabies (2012)

GLASS DELIRIUM - Diamond Lullabies (2012) mp3 download


When guitarist Scott Uhl first formed Forgotten Serenade about five years ago, everyone hated the name, so it was changed to GLASS DELIRIUM, after one of the act’s earliest songs.

The Denver, Colorado band recorded locally their first studio album in 2009, and now are releasing independently their official debut CD “Diamond Lullabies”.

With the relatively recent additions of Switchpin’s Pat Anderson on drums and female lead vocalist Michelle Huerd of Born in Winter, Glass Delirium — which also includes Uhl, bassist Aeon Cruz and keyboardist David Newell — has recorded the new album with funds raised between fans.

Musically, Glass Delirium tries to create a progressive blend of rock (sometimes close to metal) with deverse influences such as adult pop, classical, modern prog and instrumental landscapes.

Glass Delirium’s style is quite unusual, in places reminding you the accesible sounds of Halestorm, nineties Queensryche and Hydrogyn, though adding a different edge and atmospheres.

The music is build by high doses of keyboards, essentially piano, as in the short opener “Tranquility” which soon derive in the uptempo rock of “Reality”.

Next, “Snowy London” is one of the most interesting songs, quite progressive with many tempo changes, quasi cinematic.

“Beautiful Plaything” adds pop to the mix, yet not the easy one, much more in Siouxie & The Banshees way where the instrumentation is tight and Michelle vocals arise noticeably.

“Untitled Lullaby” has a melancholic and hypnotic aura, while there’s tracks with atypical intrumentation as “Convalescence Dawn” including really vintage keys giving a certain gothic aura to the song.

“Over The Ice” is perhaps the most commercial tune of the disc, uptempo and guitar rock / keyboard (piano) fueled in a mixture and arrangement recalling the great Faith No More but with female vocals. Really good one.

Another number with a potential radio play is the Halestorm influenced (Glass Delirium is opening for them in many gigs) “Consequential Halo”, featuring some kind of anthemic vocalisations.

In “Diamond Lullabies”, Glass Delirium explores the depths of what it means to create, trying to craft a marriage between the marketable and more experimental, personal sounds.

Their music does not follow any trends – surely influenced by many acts, yes – but this band is faithful to their indie pedigree and feels free to develop and investigate new sounds, rock-based yet not afraid to take hand to other genres.

Something different to try… give Glass Delirium a chance, “Diamond Lullabies” is truly interesting.

01 – Tranquility

02 – Reality

03 – Snowy London

04 – Beautiful Plaything

05 – Over The Ice

06 – Funeral of Eighty Days

07 – Untitled Lullaby

08 – Convalescence Dawn

09 – Consequential Halo

10 – Simple Life

Michelle Huerd – Vocals

Scott Uhl – Guitars

Aeon Cruz – Bass

David Newell – Keyboards

Pat Anderson – Drums


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