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Swiss hard rockers SHAKRA, originally from Bern, have been together since the mid-nineties and they are still around with 3 original band members.

Almost 20 years in the business has enabled them to hit the German and Swiss album charts, play countless gigs and festivals, yet the band never made it big in UK and America.

With their brand new album “Powerplay” released today Shakra are willing to change that.

Throughout its long career Shakra has always been a source of great rocking tunes with catchy lyrics without being cheesy, added by a range of undemanding riffing.

Diversity has never been the band’s integral elements in their song making process, yet their material also peaked to various places playing heavier tunes on the verge of metal while still letting the ’80s hard rock lead the way of their European mixed with American motivated music.

Well, “Powerplay” is Shakra’s more commercial and melodic oriented album to date.

“Powerplay” is plenty of meaty riff work and solos smattered throughout, crushing drums and the catchy choruses with an ’80s feel typical from the band, but this time with many tracks leaning on Euro Melodic Hard Rock, as the effective opener “Life Is Now”.

Second track “The Mask” is a solid rocker with an excellent tempo and superb twin guitar attack, followed by one of the highlights on the CD, the melodic hard rock blaster “Higher”.

On “Wonderful Life” Shakra shows again their intention to reach a wider audience. It’s a traditional power ballad in a classic way; raspy vocals, strong drums and melodious sustained guitars. Really well crafted.

In the goodie “Because Of You” I hear a vibe of Whitesnake, while “Save You From Yourself” has a sprinkle of Euro hard ‘n heavy in the muscular chorus.

“Don’t Keep Me Hanging” has a wonderful classic hard rock hook, and “Dream Of Mankind” is driven by groovy guitars and thumping drums.

Shakra is one of the better European Hard Rock acts that seem to have survived the test of time. All their albums are solid and coherent with the band’s roots.

“Powerplay” is not the exception – more than that – it’s the Helvetians best album to date plenty of ’80s inspired melodies, sparking choruses, raspy toned vocals and excellent six-string work.

While retaining their trademark hard edge, this new CD is more melodic and stylized than anything Shakra has recorded so far.

“Powerplay” is the kind of album that any self respecting hard rocker will love, classic (melodic this time) Hard Rock that will make you happy the genre is not dead.


01. Life Is Now

02. The Mask

03. Higher

04. Wonderful Life

05. Dear Enemy

06. Save You From Yourself

07. Don’t Keep Me Hanging

08. Dream Of Mankind

09. Stevie

10. Because Of You

11. Secret Hideaway

12. Too Good To Be True

John Prakesh – Vocals

Thom Blunier – Guitars

Thomas Muster – Guitars

Dominik Pfister – Bass

Roger Tanner – Drums


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  1. DEEMON says:

    John Prakesh reminds me Fernando Garcia. Great singer!!

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