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From Athens, Greece, DANGER ANGEL pleased the Melodic Hard Rock community in 2010 with their solid self-titled debut, featuring the enormous Jeff Scott Soto on guest vocals.

The band is releasing officially their second effort “Revolutia” in March through Perris Records but some copies are already available in selected Greek stores.

According to Danger Angel members, “Revolutia” it’s a new turn for the band, the essence of what they consider their signature sound and a first step to the completion of the re-invention of Danger Angel as a musical entity.

Jeff Scott Soto is involved again but this time as producer bringing all his experience to the table, while the recording was mixed and mastered by Jeff’s long time engineer John Ellis (Harem Scarem, Peter Gabriel) at the Prism Sound Studios in Boston, USA.

This new collective brought together what is now “Revolutia”. Not only a new album by a band that broke the borders of their country to look for something more but also the depiction of a life-situation that burdens the lives of Greek people and millions around the world.

With songs about love and hate, about dead ends and new opportunities, about turmoil and protest, about loss and confusion, about life and death situations and about what makes us human, “Revolutia” has something for each and every one out there.

But apart from the strong lyric social content, “Revolutia” is a pure Melodic Hard Rock wonder.

The characteristics of their debut are still here and even more enhanced; great attention to detail, well crafted compositions and the amazing playing. However, there’s a ‘new’ Danger Angel here, and a welcomed one.

The band has a more contemporary approach now through straight-forward riffs, intense vocalizations, punchy keyboards and vigorous rhythm section.

You can hear Jeff Scott Soto’s touch all over, giving Danger Angel a terrific sound impact. Think “Revolutia” in terms of Talisman, Place Vendome and JSS last solo album.

After the short title track intro with gunfire and bombs sounds fading off, the disc took me by surprise when I heard the first notes of “One Hit In The Night”. Sonically this is a new band and it’s not just the new vocalist Minas Stigos – which sings a lot like Soto by the way – the sound is Bigger, meaty, extremely polished and melodious.

Next, “When I’m Gone” is an incredible powerful modern AOR/MHR tune alternating midtempos with in crescendos mixing clean and distorted guitars, dreamy keyboards and terrific harmony vocals. This is not an ordinary or by-numbers composition for sure. The second bridge arrangements are just amazing and the solo a blast. One of the songs of the year without a doubt.

The quality keeps high with “Not An Angel” which adds a touch of epicness ala Place Vendome over stabbing synths and a monster guitar solo. Another killer tune.

Surprises continue with “Falling”, this is the type of song that brings bands stardom; a semi midtempo track with modern guitar breaks and power vocals, something new for the band with a style recalling the last JSSoto. Touching lyrics dedicated to a friend of guitarist Ethan Snow who committed suicide due the economic and social crisis in Greece.

And then again Danger Angel shows their diversity (and quality): “Decadence” is a foot-tappin’, lush melodic hard rocker with a glorious intensity.

We’re in the middle of the disc and I’m sold.

I don’t need more to qualify this as a great CD, but high quality numbers continue with “Dead By Christmas”, the epic “King Of Thieves”, the soaring “My Last Day On Earth” or the keyboard driven “Last Call”.

At this point, the Greek scene goes through a tremendous peak. It is nothing short of any European place, and Danger Angel are in the front of the line.

You will be greatly surprised by “Revolutia”, a terrific album from start to finish. Jeff Scott Soto signs the immaculate production and opens wide doors for this huge band.

Over the varied and intelligent songwriting, the outstanding guitar work shines, the keyboards don’t just fill the songs – they boost the whole thing – while the rhythm section provides imaginative foundations.

Moreover, I could not but note M.T.’s excellent vocals. Melodic up to what’s necessary, powerful when needed, all in the best JSS style. In a word; amazing.

Join the “Revolutia”, one of the best MHR albums of the year for sure.

01. Revolutia

02. One Hit In The Night

03. When I’m Gone

04. Not An Angel

05. Falling

06. Decadence

07. Dead By Christmas

08. King Of Thieves

09. Road Kill

10. My Last Day On Earth

11. Don’t Die Young

12. I’m Not Here

13. Last Call

14. Rock My Heart (Bonus Track)

M.T. (Minas Tsigos) – Vocals

Ethan Snow – Guitars

Rudy Rallis – Bass

Tony V. – Drums

AHAS – Keyboards



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