DANGER ANGEL – Danger Angel (2010)

Danger Angel is a solid radio friendly debut album by a talented sextet hailing from Athens, Greece. If melodic rock is your thing then this 13-track album will not disappoint.

Lead singer Jimmy Cage has an interesting voice, almost a cross between Lizzy Borden and Axl Rose. He has good range and uses it well whether just singing or hitting a high falsetto scream.
Guitars are provided by the spirited duo of Ethan Chionos and Spiros Foussekis. Always flashy and melodic, these two make a fine team and can dish out riffs that match the tone and style of the song.
The bottom end of drummer Antonis Venieris and bassist Rudy Rallis complement the guitars well. Both are very capable musicians and make aural contributions to every song.
The standout musician on the album really seems to be keyboard player George “AHAS” Lignos. He seems to have the knack for injecting just the right amount of keys into just the right locations, whether the song calls for the keys to be subtle or in-your-face, and somehow manages not to dominate the music.

The band is very proud and honored to include legendary singer Jeff Scott Soto contribution, the man lends his superb voice for one track on the album, “Never Let You Go” and the Danger Angel band sounds as tight as TALISMAN or TAKARA.

The CD opens with “Com’ On Rock Me,” a true arena rocker that sets the tone for the rest of the disc. “Runaway Angel” features some amazing guitar work and has a very catchy chorus, while “Poison Dreams” gives the drums and bass a chance to shine.
“I’ll Be There For You” is the required power ballad, this track showcasing Lignos’s fine keyboards and heartfelt guitar solos.
“Rebel Son” allows Cage to sing falsetto through most, and is full of DOKKEN-style guitar work.

“Never Let You Go” with JSS on vocals is an upbeat rocker that would fit in perfectly on any of the old Takara albums.
“Hangover” is driven by the drums and bass, but features a great, almost honky-tonk piano riff, while “Together Forever” and “The Rain” have a real Euro-pop-metal groove to them.
Guest vocalist Peggy Zarou sings an amazing duet with Jimmy Cage on the ballad “Till The End Of Time,” while “Until The Morning Light” is a gritty modern metal track that is driven by the keyboards and rhythm section.
“9202” is a great keyboard instrumental that leads into the final mellow arena rocker, “Burning Hearts”

The production and engineering are very good, and the band presents itself with polish and maturity. All of the instruments are clean, clear and well balanced, the vocals are crisp and understandable.
All in all, Danger Angel is a fine melodic rock album that brings back memories of BON JOVI’s first album, albeit with a modern sound. Always melodic and never offensive, Danger Angel channels the innocent and fun loving spirit of the party rock bands of the early ’80s with a fresh and updated sound.
Big guitars, big vocals, big choruses and solid, pleasant songwriting make this a treat for the ears.
If you were a hair metal fan back in the day you will certainly enjoy this album.

01 – Com’ On Rock Me
02 – Runaway Angel
03 – Poison Dreams
04 – I’ll Be There For You
05 – Rebel Son
06 – Never Let You Go (feat. Jeff Scott Soto)
07 – Hangover
08 – Together Forever
09 – The Rain
10 – Till The End Of Time (duet with Peggy Zarou)
11 – Until The Morning Light
12 – 9202
13 – Burning Hearts

Jimmy ‘M.T.’ Cage: vocals
Ethan Chionos: Guitars
Spiros Foussekis: Guitars
Antonis Venieris: Drums
Rudy Rallis: Bass
George ‘AHAS’ Lignos: Keys

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